Monday, December 26, 2005

Weight Loss!

This picture is a collage of Xmas 2004 (left) and Xmas 2005 (right). I wanted to show how my weight loss looked. And by looking at these pictures, you can definitely see that I've lost weight. I am definitely loving the new look! Let me tell you! 25 lbs gone and I'd love to lose another 10 more. But that's what 2006 is for. Jamie and I need to stop procrastinating and get our butts to the gym.

Today I slept in until almost noon. Another great sleep in. Jamie and I ended up staying up pretty late last night. We got in only after midnight and then I watched some Six Feet Under season 2 (half way through it now).

After getting up slowly putzed around the house and eventually my sister-in-law and nephew came back over, Merlyn napped in our den (gosh sometimes it's great to be 3 years old) while the three of us (Andrea, Jamie & I) played scrabble. Jamie who complained he sucks won and killed us majorly! He won with like 217 points and I came in second with under 150 points and Andrea tailed behind me. Can't remember our scores, just remember Jamie kicking our butts. It was nice to just sit down and play scrabble.

For dinner we went over to Jamie's grandmother's house and saw Jamie's mom's side of the family. We were able to catch Jamie's mom and her wife on their way back from Ottawa so they were able to make it - thank goodness. I was able to give them their photo album from the wedding that I made for them. And we gave Jamie's cousins Andra and Ami a little something for Chanukah as well as Jamie's Aunt Tania - we got her a cookbook as she keeps saying she wants to learn more recipes and have a variety. She doesn't have the internet where she can just log on and have a million recipes at her disposal.

We ordered in Chinese Food - which I've been craving for weeks, (which I thought I was only going to have for New Years - our tradition - Hockey Game and Chinese Food - that's what we're doing. We've done it every year since we've been together, except for last year because there was no hockey (strike). As long as the Montreal Canadiens are playing we're happy. There's an 8pm game, so that will be fun. New Years is over rated and EXPENSIVE. Too much of a commercial holiday.

Aunt Tania gave me 2 very good cleaning tips - one for my microwave and one for my stove. I am so happy that my scrubbing days are over. It's going to be so easy from now on! (Stove = easy off spray, leave spray on overnight, wipes right off in the morning, and microwave = bowl of water, cook it to steam, everything wipes right off!)

Today I cleaned up my desk a bit more, it's coming along great. What a mess it was from this past semester - let me tell you! Horrible! I'm working on making it organized. I want to be totally organized this upcoming semester - like you wouldn't believe! I had art stuff all over my desk in no organization. I've made piles and its looking better. I have 2 weeks left over winter vacation, and I still have things to accomplish on my list of things to do. I better write a list, so I don't forget anything. Going to go work on that now. Ciao for now. I'll let you know what I come up with!

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