Friday, December 02, 2005

Good Mood Friday

I am in such a better mood today, and things are getting accomplished.
The dishwasher is going, the washing machine is running, laundry will be folded in a few minutes, and my chores are starting to get accomplished. I already have Jamie's handy man TO DO list for him, some stuff he needs to fix either this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon, before his party tomorrow night.

I can't decide whether to give Jamie his birthday gifts tomorrow night, or wait until his actual birthday? Hmmm... I can't decide. I'll see. LOL... It is indeed his party tomororw night, and I am sure some people will probably give him a gift. Maybe I'll wait til his birthday.

I am anxious to get all the birthday gifts that are piling up in my office, OUT of my office....! They are taking up so much room, and I just want it OUT! I have birthday gifts for Jamie, my sister (on the 19th), my mom (on the 22nd), my mother-in-law (on the 23rd), and christmas and chanukah presents for my immediate family and friends. I am exchanging presents for the holidays with 2 or 3 friends. It's always nice. I just want them out of my office already! I want my space back! LOL.... Can the holidays come quicker?

Today I need to:
1. Buy icing for Jamie's birthday cake
2. Finish cleaning my office
3. Figure out dinner for tonight
These are the most important things on my TO DO LIST right now. Then I need to start cleaning the house for the party tomorrow!
Going to get to my chores.

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