Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Night Out

This is the new crochet project I'm working on. It's another "baby" blanket, I'm just using a simple thing to make to learn how to crochet properly, especially since the stitch I was previously using wasn't a real stitch - but now I've got it! I love the yarn - so neutral for a baby.

This afternoon I slept on the couch in our den. I was planning on watching some TV, I did watch a little bit of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (the touching stories have been making me cry - don't ask) and catching up on some Grey's Anatomy that my mom taped for me. But somewhere I fell asleep for a couple of hours on the couch. Then I watched the movie Fantastic 4 with Jamie as he was dying to see it - but then in the end he said it was JUST OKAY. Gotta love my husband, every movie if you ask him what he thought of it - "JUST OKAY" is his reponse. Except for like Star Wars or something... "JUST OKAY". What kind of answer is that? Anyhow. I thought the movie was okay also, I'm not a huge fan of comic book style stories (except for Sin City - which was amazing!) and well Julian McMahon from Nip/Tuck - Dr. Christian Troy was in it as Victor and I found him sexy! I love Julian - he's hot. (I may be married but I'm allowed looking right?) Look at this picture of him. HOT! Wow. Ok, I'm done!

Jamie & I went out for dinner tonight to our favourite place. It's the first time I've been there since I've lost 25 lbs. Dinner was fabulous, I had the usual - Linguini Rossi Primavera sans mushrooms (ew), and a green salad to start. We ordered a liter of the house wine, and well, I drank most of it, since Jamie was driving home. It was nice, good conversation and a very excellent meal. The meal wasn't really for my diet - as it was homemade tomato pasta, but it was delicious nonetheless and sometimes in life is for cheating on diets! Right? I'm going to go crawl into bed. Goodnight!

Postcard from our fave restaurant. It's a gorgeous postcard.

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