Friday, December 09, 2005

The Pink Blanket Mess Up

I need to concentrate on the last items on my TO DO LIST for school, due this upcoming week. 2 projects I just need to finish the last finishing touches (for Monday and Thursday). My project due on Thursday is almost done as well - just need to do a bit of arts & crafts (30 minutes of work) - will take no time at all, my assignment for Monday, just need to finish 1 sketch - maybe 20 - 30 minutes of work. For Wednesday, I have a LOT of work to do - but thank goodness I have Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon as well as Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday (except for when I need to leave to go pick up my 1200+ wedding proofs). I cant wait! And for Friday, I have a bit more work to do - but not as much work as for Wednesday. Wednesday is BIG project day! I am sure I will accomplish all - I work BEST under pressure and with a deadline. I think that way anyhow.

Today I worked on my pink crochet blanket. I realized today that my blanket was getting wider and wider as I was adding on rows. I have no idea HOW this happened, but I fixed it, by taking out about a skein and a half of the blanket. You see below how it was getting wider and wider?

This is after fixing it and redoing the 1 and a half skein, plus the rest of the half skein to finish that skein (it's probably more of a ball than a skein, but I like the word skein. I just learned what it is this week!) - I had to fold it though, because it is getting really large to photograph.

Close up of the scarf - I believe the stitch I am working on is called the Treble Stitch. Not 100% sure though, but the blanket is coming along great.

Caught the boys holding hands...

Then two minutes later - fighting!

I've been watching Grey's Anatomy - Season 1. I just finished watching all 9 episodes. Took me 2 days. I also started watching Newlyweds: The final Season, which I got from my sister. You know what? It's funny that their final season of the show was released in the same month that they broke up. I wonder if they break up is really real, or if it's a publicity stunt... I gotta get myself one of those trashy magazines! For sure.

Tonight we had some people over for poker, it was fun. I played both games, didn't do too well though. I had fun though.

Jamie turns 30 shortly! December 10th! I hope he has a good birthday tomorrow!

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