Sunday, December 25, 2005

Chocolate Pretzel for Dessert

Jamie's step-sister's daughter (also named Jamie), (whom we call "Little Jamie", wrote the CUTEST letter to santa. She's 8 and still believes! Just read!

So her mother wrote her back, early in the morning this morning, using her left hand. (She's a righty!)

Got up and realized I have to be at Jamie's step-aunt and step-uncle's house for 5pm today and that I didn't finish the Chocolate Pretzels that I wanted to bring as a dessert.

Don't they look fantastic? They're in my fridge setting right now, and they should be good soon to wrap in a pretty box and bring along with us tonight for Christmas dinner #2. Tonight we're just bringing a gift for the house of the dinner (to the owners - Jamie's step-aunt and step-uncle) and 2 gifts - one for each of us - for the gift exchange. We were to spend 10$ on a unisex gift. It should be fun. I purchased 2 10$ gifts, 1 is a chocolate fondu set and the other is some gorgeous white candy/serving dishes. I wonder what we'll end up coming home with?

I decided tonight I'm going to wear my new sweater, my new necklace and the new three-gold earrings that Jamie got me for Xmas. I forgot to photograph them. They are absolutely gorgeous!!! I love them. I also decided that I'm going to go in pants (cords) instead of a skirt, because I'm feeling gross and I don't want to be feeling gross in a skirt. That's not my thing at all.

Well, it's 4:30 now and we have to be there around 5pm, and I'm not ready yet. Better go get dressed and washed up and put my pretzels in a box to go!

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