Saturday, December 03, 2005

I Love Chunky Scarves!

I got a lot accomplished yesterday, cleaned my office up pretty good, and I'm very impressed with myself. I also got a lot of chores done.

After doing my errands, I came home and made dinner, the Chicken & Pasta bake that I made a couple of weeks ago - this time it turned out better! Second time's a charm! My sister-in-law liked it, and Jamie was impressed again, it was delicious. I'm actually about to have leftovers for lunch! MMMmmm!

Last night we chilled out in the basement, Jamie's friend Dan came over after work, and since Daniel decided to give Jamie his birthday gift last night, Andrea (Jamie's sister) and I decided to give him his presents. Andrea got him pj pants (one a poker theme and the other hockey themed) both fleece and comfy for winter! I was actually telling myself that it's about time I get Jamie some new fleece pj pants, because the ones he has are getting holes and old. Great minds think alike! I am glad she got him something useful! Daniel got Jamie a Wayne Gretzky figurine (which Jamie won't take out of the box because apparently it's a collector's item) and a tshirt with the Montreal Canadiens team logo on it, vintage style. Very nice! So I gave Jamie the 11 Star Wars action figures, as well as the Star Wars Risk board game, and the Star Wars Monopoly game that I got him. HE LOVED everything from everyone. I am glad! It's his birthday and he deserves it! I can't wait to play Star Wars Monopoly! (I don't know how to play risk).

Last night while chilling I started my new scarf, since Andrea herself was working on a gorgeous scarf for a friend of hers. I absolutely love the colors in this scarf! It's a multi-coloured ball of yarn (not a skein - which I just learned what a skein is! Pronounced "skain" - so I don't sound like an idiot) and right now it's SUPER long (so I can wrap myself up in it - I'm making it for myself - and I love super CHUNKY scarves!) I think it's going to be 6 balls of yarn, but they're small balls. (See in basket below).

I decided it was about time to photograph my yarn basket! The actual basket Jamie & I got as a wedding present with a bunch of household goodies in it, from one of my friends. Very nice basket - the cats like it too, lol. And now it's full of yarn!

I was telling my sister-in-law last night that I'm absolutely LOVING that I know how to crochet. I love my new scarf, and I like that I'm making it myself! I love being creative and crafty. I just ordered iron-on or sew-on labels on the internet that say Handmade by Robyn. I can't wait to get them in the mail! I also ordered different size and coloured zippers, I can't wait to pull out my sewing machine and start making stuff. Pouches, handbags, messenger bags, etc! You name it! I'm ready! Just need to get a table to put my sewing machine on!

I have some more chores to do, but I'm not going to go crazy cleaning this house for the party tonight. I know I have some vaccuming of cat hair to do, as one of Jamie's friends who will be here is allergic to cats, and I need to scrub down my bathroom. Cut vegetables for the veggies and dip, and a decorate the cake... and shower and make myself pretty! I don't plan on dressing up too much, but nice pants and one of my nice new shirts and presto! I plan on also finishing my scarf that I started last night, it's taking me no time at all.

I finished the dishes, unloaded the clean stuff that I washed last night, loaded up with all the dirty stuff, and the kitchen is coming in order... Phew! Stuff's getting done!

Must go get ready and prepare for Jamie's party. I will let you know tomorrow how it went!

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