Thursday, December 08, 2005

Waiting Lists & TV Junkie

I got my creativity journals back and got the mark I was expecting - 10/10. I wish this assignemnt was actually worth more of my final mark than 10% - but it's not. Too bad. Because I really outdid myself. My teacher was telling me that students in her other class was jealous and eyeing my journal as she corrected it while they were supposed to be working on an assignment. Hee hee. I even plan on working on more creativity journals - but for myself. I love doing them - so much fun! Below, is a part of one of the covers of one of my journals.

I called the doctor when I got home to find out how long the waiting list was.... I missed my appointment in March 2005, and had I gone, I would have gone again 6 months later, which would have been September, and I would have been half way to my next appointment already! So I told the receptionist who I was - and she said that she had called me about an appointment and gave me the date, or left it on my answering machine. There are only 2 people who live in my house. My husband and myself. And something like a call from the doctor's office when Jamie knows I'm waiting to see him, well... he would have given me that message - that's for sure. Anyhow, she gave me an appointment for January 3rd and said that if she finds my other appointment - she'll cancel it. January 3rd works for me, as I don't go back to school until the 9th. She then calls me back 15 minutes later, she cannot find my file anywhere, and asks if I'm really a patient. I've been going there since I was 16, so almost 9 years now... and I told her that my mother is a patient there - and that the doctor has known me for over 24 years, as he delivered me via c-section when I was born! Ugh! When I told my mother this - she told me that they have lost her file plenty, but they always seem to find it! Good to know, huh? Oh well, I'm sure it will all work out - I just want a regular check up!
I had fever all afternoon, and it started going away after dinner. Nothing too high, just 99.5, but still, I felt like my face was burning up hotter than that - but I kept checking my fever, it never went higher than 99.5. I hope it doesn't come back - one week left of school, I don't need this right now.

This afternoon I took the afternoon to watch Disc 1 of Newlyweds: The final season. Very sad to think that Nick & Jess broke up, and announced it practically at the same time that their final season of their show was being released on DVD. I really like the 2 of them together, and she's so dumb, I love it. I enjoyed Disc 1 - can't wait to watch Disc 2.

This evening I watched Survivor with Jamie, and then at 9pm I watched CSI and then at 10pm I watched ER. I taped The OC, Apprentice and Without a Trace. I am a Thursday night TV Junkie. I don't watch TV on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday nights. And the other nights, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Sundays, I don't really watch much except 1 or 2 shows. But come Thursdays - TV is my weakness!

I worked more on my baby blanket tonight, I'm on the 3rd ball of yarn. It's baby pink and I think it's coming out really nice. I'll photograph it tomorrow - I am sure it will be really coming along then. It's working out just perfectly. I'm loving it!

Off to bed, class early tomorrow.

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