Thursday, December 01, 2005

Winter & Party Cleaning

This morning I got an email from FOR ME Magazine, offering a discount for a subscription. This magazine is my favourite magazine right now, and it's ONLY 1.99$! Originally, it is 16$US for a subscription, and then 10$ for International Orders (being in Canada, I qualify sadly for international... so, at 26$US exchanged to Canadian, it was cheaper to buy it at the magazine shop 2 minutes from my house, rather than getting a subscription. ANYHOW, this morning's offer, was 12 issues for 12$ plus 10$ international, becomes 22$ and WORTH IT! With the exchange rate, it comes out cheaper to get a subcription and have it at my door, rather than getting it at the newstand! YEY! Finally something worth it. Instead of paying 2.30$ with taxes, it'll come to 2.10$ around an issue. I'll save .20 cents an issue, PLUS it will be delivered to my door. I just picked up this month's issue, (actually I think it's January's issue) and I plan to sit my ass down on the couch soon and read it cover to cover. This magazine, is the only magazine that I've ever read EVERY SINGLE PAGE and EVERY WORD on those pages! Finally found a magazine that I like! (The one and only pretty much!)

This morning in class, our creativity journals were due. I am soooo proud of mine. She said that they would be ready by next week with a mark, so I only have to be away from it for 1 week, lol... Depressing. They were so inspiring to make, and I loved them a lot, and I will keep them, they definitely won't go in the garbage. No way! Those are keepers!
Today/tonight I started a major clean up. I just felt that I needed to clean up and boy did I make a mess. I am trying to organize EVERYTHING in my office. It's pretty much my office that needs this major clean up. There is just JUNK everywhere. I basically, only kept what I wanted on shelves, and everything else went into piles. The mess and the chaos in my office is giving me anxiety, and I have stuff everywhere. I even have art stuff everywhere, in different locations. Trying to organize everything so it's in ONE place and not three... Stuff that is similar deserves to be together, you know? Anyhow, this is a project that I must finish tomorrow, as I want everything to be in order for the weekend, for Jamie's party. Right now though, it looks as though a Tornado hit my office. Crazy. But I'm feeling better, that atleast there is SOME order to my mess. Is that even possible, or only in my own little world?
I am going to go hop into bed and watch The O.C., which I taped this evening. I will continue my cleaning tomorrow, I'm taking the day off from school, just like that. I have nothing really to work on in class, and it's a workshop class, and I have other things to do at home.

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