Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bad Mood Wednesday

Where did November go? Where? I can't believe tomorrow is December 1st. Jamie turns 30 in 10 days, on the 10th of December. I am not ready for his party yet on Saturday night, a lot of cleaning to do beforehand. I am sure all will work out. Jamie's best friend Dan turns 30 tomorrow, Cindy turns 32 on Friday, My mom's birthday is at the end of the month, my sister turns 21 on the 19th, my mother-in-law's birthday is the day after my mother's.... a month full of birthdays.

Woke up in a HORRID mood this morning.

Right now, I'm feeling a lot better. The day got better after my late lunch around 3pm.

Today when I got home from school I was furious. The Rabbi I share a driveway with, is not supposed to park in the driveway to block my right of passage to my garage, now that I park in the garage for the winter. Anyhow, I probably will be parking there all year round from now on, but that's a whole other story. Anyhow, the car that was in my drive-way blocking, was not my rabbi neighbor's usual car. I didn't recognize it, period. LUCKILY I just wanted to get into my garage, and not out, otherwise I would have called to have the car towed, because there was no one answering the door (I rang numerous times) and no one answered the phone, I called a few times, and finally left a message that I was blocking them in, by blocking the driveway - there were NO spots available on my street. During the day, my street is a hot parking area, because of the senior's home, golden age, the CJA building, the Jewish library, the YMHA, all around the corner. Anyhow, I called the police, (not 9-1-1, but the local number) and asked them what to do, because I don't recognize the car in my driveway, and my neighbor whom I share the driveway with, is supposed to be home if he's blocking my right of passage. (I WILL NEVER BUY A HOUSE AGAIN WITH A SHARED DRIVEWAY - Lesson #1). I go inside, do a few things, then a spot on the street opens up. So I take it. I call my dad, ask him what to do about the unknown car in MY driveway, as I want to put my car in my garage to unload the stuff I have in my trunk. (I couldn't reach Jamie to get his opinion - if I should call the other police number that the first police officer gave me, or towing). As my dad is about to tell me to go re-park my car to block this car, so that they have the pain of finding me, once they are ready to move their car - the guy shows up for his car. I run out my house, to catch him. As he's pulling away, I tap on his window. I find out, it's my neighbor's son-in-law, and his wife left the car in the driveway, and he walked over to pick it up, when he was done doing whatever it was he had to do. Anyhow, I explain to him that I could have towed his car, as I have right of passage to my garage, and I tell him that now I park in my garage, and the rabbi is aware that he can't leave a car in the driveway without being around and reachable to MOVE IT, if I need it moved. Anyhow, he told me that there was no car in the driveway, so they didn't think they were blocking anyone in. I pretended as if my car were stuck in the garage, and told him, that he can't see my car because it's behind my CLOSED garage door. IDIOT! Anyhow, he told me he would tell his wife and that he knows now for next time, not to leave a car there without anyone around. I told him, that if this happens again, that I will have no choice but to call the tow company, to have the car towed so I can get out of my garage. I told him it was a good thing that I didn't have work or anywhere to be, otherwise the tow bill would be sent to him, not my expense.

... I swear, I will NEVER get another place with a shared driveway. My next place will be a house, not a duplex.... with NO ONE AROUND!! That's the plan. I don't recommend for anyone to buy a place with a shared driveway. WHAT AGGREVATION!

Here's the scarf that I crochet for my sister. I love it. It's gorgeous. I finished it last night while watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Jamie. I hope she likes it, I'm very impressed with myself right now!

As I was cleaning out my cubby hole in my bathroom today, the phone rang, and when I got back from answering it, Jazz was sitting in my cubby - the little bugger. This cubby is my favourite thing about my bathroom. Don't you just love my green tiles? I am thinking of painting the wall above the tiles french vanilla cream, since it's right now, the same mint green as my tiles.

Jamie went to see a hockey movie with 2 friends tonight, and I just worked on my chores, forgot about dinner (ended up making some miso soup not too long ago) and I'm shortly ready for bed.

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