Friday, November 18, 2005

2 Month Anniversary

Today is my 2 months anniversary with my husband! Wow, I've been married for two months!
Class this morning was productive, I got some more of my illustrator project done. It's due next Friday, so I have more time to work on it, still. I have Tuesdays off and every afternoon, so I am not worried about getting it done! Not at all!

After class I came home and watched some Desperate Housewives, then after lunch I watched Survivor and Apprentice from last night with Jamie, and then more Desperate Housewives. I have 2 episodes left of Season 1 and then onto Season 2 to catch up to where it's on TV at the moment.

We have guests over for poker at the moment and and I played the first game (didn't win) and now game 2 is on, but I didn't feel like playing the second game.

There is a party going on upstairs - (I was asked permission if it was okay - since his parents are on vacation for 3 weeks) and they're doing some awful kareoke. It's the son's girlfriends birthday and she just graduated from nursing, so he thought since his parents were out of town he would throw a party.

I'm going to get back to the last 2 episodes of Season 1 of Desperate Housewives, and take the scarf I'm crocheting (it's turning out really nice) into bed with me! I absolutely LOVE crocheting! So much more than knitting, only because knitting is really hard on my "early-arthritis" as I call it. I have really bad joint pain in my hands.

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