Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Breast Cancer Awareness

This past month was breast cancer awareness month.I am selling a bunch of these Breast Cancer Awarness Car Magnets. I got them via a friend in the states, and I'm wondering if it's worth it for me to get more. I had 12 in my first batch - one's on my car, I want to keep one extra for myself, in case it's ever stolen off my car (it's a magnet, so it doesn't ruin your paint job on your car. I have one old friend who's buying 5 of them, and my sister wants one, my brother's girlfriend wants one, my friend at school wants one, and I just have a few left and they're all gone! But people keep asking about them. It may be worth it for me to import more! Know anyone interested? Let me know!

I got back my first graphic design layout - which we presented 2 weeks ago. It was the homer simpson thing I did on Anger Management. It was a lengthy project, and I worked on it very hard. I am very happy with the work that I handed in, and my final grade on this assignment was 14.3/15. I'll take a 95.3% any time!

Last week and this week we had a 2 week quiz to do. I finished my quiz last week, it took me the entire class - but by the end of the period we were allotted. However, I still had to come in today, even though I was done. The teacher basically challenged me this week. I either had to take my elements and reposition them on the page and make a new layout, or take a book that she would give me, and find new objects and shapes and make a new layout. In the end, my professor decided on the second one, she found me a book in her office (with logos - a book that I'm actually purchasing on tomorrow when I get my gift certificate that I ordered with points! This book is actually a book that will help me along in the program that I'm in, as well as being interesting and having interesting subjects and ideas.) and I made a new one, AND was finished it within an hour. By the time she gave us a break in the middle of class, to get up and stretch, I was done a complete second one. The reason why she gave me a book and asked me to search for a new image to create a new idea, was because last week I was the only one who showed up prepared for the exam, (she had asked us to bring in an image) - but I went to the extent, where I had already photocopied my image and in enlarged it in a few percentages as well as reduced the size - so I was prepared for any size format the teacher woudl be giving us for the exam. And when I got the exam last Wednesday, and was given a 4x4 inch size format to work with - I had an image that would fit into that space. And on top of it - I went in knowing what other elements I wanted to use, since she gave us a few hints as for what to prepare... I perfer the first one I did last week - but I like the one I came up with this morning as well. I will wait to see what my mark is! I will scan them and upload them once I get them back. The part that I liked the most - that I enjoyed the most - was the coloring in part! I love coloring with markers! Just love it!

After break, we got even more time, (those who were finished) so I went with Laura and Deyon to pick up my professional photography diploma (since they just arrived from the Ministere de L'Education this week) and were ready for pickup. I'm going to photocopy it (so I have copies just in case - you never know) and then I'm going to get it laminated and stick it up on my wall next to my high school and my bachelor of creative arts degree! And then next year I can add my Graphic Design diploma on the wall too! (Soon I'm going to have no more wall space for diplomas!) I guess I'll have to stop being a student! LOL... Just kidding. We stopped by 2nd cup on our way back to school and I got my fave - a chai latte!

I found these sugar free candies at Zellers the other day - (they're approved by dentists! LOL) and now I'm addicted. I bought cinnamon and butterscotch, and I love the butterscotch ones! Delicious!

This evening, I'm just going to chill. I have Law & Order on tape from last night, and it's on again tonight - a different spin off. I have someone stopping by to pick up some breast cancer magnets and I'm going to take a nice long hot shower. That plan sounds good! I'll work a bit more on my creativity journal, prepare lunch for school tomorrow, and then I'm heading to bed.

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