Saturday, November 05, 2005

Star Wars Marathon Begins

This morning I slept in. Much needed. Then I drove Jamie right away to pick up his car from the garage, and he had something fixed on it. Then on my way home I stopped off at the Deli around the corner from our house, and picked up some goodies for lunch and for sandwiches for school, etc...

Then I started on Episode IV A New Hope, of Star Wars. I liked it. I wasn't sure if I was going to or not. Then I took a break, started up some laundry, and then started Episode V Empire Strikes Back. Watched that one in complete. Ate dinner, folded some laundry, took care of a few things, and right now I'm in the middle of Episode VI Return of the Jedi. I watched exactly about half of the movie, then got this urge that must go to the pharmacy and pick up windshield washer fluid (as it is on sale for .99 cents) and bleach. While there, I was only able to find one random bottle of windshield washer fluid (SOLD OUT ON THE FIRST DATE OF THE SALE! - They're getting in more on Monday) and one random misplaced bottle of bleach. So weird. Both items were not where they were supposed to be! Jamie requested 5$ worth of chocolate for him and Daniel (who came over this evening to watch the hockey game).

Now I am going to go back to watching the end of Episode VI, and *maybe* start and see if I can finish Episode I. It's tough - when they're close to 2 hour movies, some even a little more than 2 hours. (Episode VI is 2h13 minutes!) Crazy! But I'm enjoying them, and now people can stop looking at me funny that I've never seen an episode ever in my entire life.

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