Sunday, November 13, 2005

Smart & Not Smart Cats

I just cleaned up my bathtub so I could take a shower, as our cats left us pee in the bathtub and we came home to another surprise of poop in Jamie's office on his chair and on the floor. You see - when Jamie's dad came Friday night to re-set our alarm since it went off - (I'm going to have to call the alarm guy tomorrow) he accidently closed the door in the basement that blocks off the laundry room- which holds the 2 cat litters. So the cats had no access to their litter on Saturday nor today until we got home. I think my cats are absolutely SMART to pee in the bathtub - and not like on my bedroom or den or office carpet floors. Also - why did they choose Jamie's office to go number two? That I don't know - but I'm thinking it's the closest room to their litter box - maybe that was a decision. I feel like I'm going to find a surprise somewhere that I haven't been in the house yet.... but so far - we've cleaned up all the messes we could find. Poor cats. They barely even touched any of their food in their normal dishes nor in the food feeder which I got for when we go on weekend trips. (I would never leave the cats alone while we're on our honeymoon for 2 weeks though - but for a weekend - no problemo!)

Well, I'm going to go blowdry my hair (I think) and hop into bed. It's almost midnight and I have an 8 am class tomorrow. I like having a morning class only on Mondays, and then off until Wednesday morning 8am. It's like a mini vacation at the beginning of the week - right after a weekend. I love it!

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