Friday, November 25, 2005

What is he doing?

Last night I fell asleep in the den watching TV (nothing much was on because of American Thanksgiving). It was so nice to have a fire going, tucked under a nice cozy blanket and to just fall asleep. I was very good last night, and as soon as I got off the computer, I shut it down and didn't use it for the rest of the evening. I am very proud of myself. Somtimes I need to PRY myself away from the computer!

I finally got in touch with my wedding photographer last night. WOOHOO! Sooo happy about that! I managed to find out that I will have my photos in 2-3 weeks tops. My images are at the lab being printed. (I've worked in a lab and it doesn't take 2-3 weeks to get 1200 photos done)! She took 2000 images at my wedding, and 1200 approx were sent to make proofs. (4x6's which I get to keep). I can't wait to see them! Next week she said she'll call me with the password to view about 25 images on her website... I can't wait to see those. I am dying to see any of the wedding pictures! YEY! So, over xmas break I will be able to go through them and pick out which ones I want for an album... Yey!

This morning, my illustrator project was due, and the teacher collected them. Then half way through the class, while we were working on our final project, one of the kids in my class (and I say kid - because he's not older than 18-19), Olivier, starts wandering around, and happens to "end up" next to the pile of assignments that were collected. This is all next to my computer station - in the middle of the class. He "puts down" a piece of paper on top of the pile of assignments, and then he thinks no one is watching him, he starts peeking at all the assignments. This pissed me off. Especially since Olivier gets up randomly, even during exams, and walks around any classroom he's in, and LOOKS at other people's work. This pisses us ALL off. Anyhow...

I said to him "What are you doing?"
He said "Isn't this the sample that the teacher lets us look at?"
I said, "Uhm, no... those are our finished projects, do you mind?"
He said "Oh, I can't look at them?"
I said "No, go back to your seat and finished yours"

After he was dumbfounded that I knew what he was doing, I went over to the teacher and I asked her to kindly put our finished (and handed in assignments on time) into her book bag, so that Olivier can't look at them "to get ideas". She understood, because she knows what he does, we keep telling teachers that it bothers us (his walking around class looking at people's work) and she put them in her bag. (Olivier isn't passing, so I don't expect him to be back in class in January, but I have to put up with him for atleast another 3 weeks)....He has yet to get a passing mark on a single assignment. I kid you not. This guy is dumb. He cannot follow instructions or directions or even specifications on a handout.

Ok, I'm done venting about Olivier, and I don't want to think about him anymore.
So, we now have to make sure that we keep the toilet seat down, completely.... because Zeus has been going into the toilet. And I'm not talking about just sitting on the seat drinking the water - I'm talking about actually going into the toilet. What a dumb cat! It's cute and funny, but annoying at the same time.

I got home, did a few things, then decided that I was going to walk to lunch to meet up with Jamie and his ex-coworkers that became our friends. It ended up being a 20 minute walk to where I had to go, and I had to pick the coldest day ever! It was freezing! I just wanted exercise. Jamie thinks I'm nuts for walking there, but I just wanted fresh air and exercise. Never again in this weather will I walk that far!
After lunch we watched Survivor and Apprentice from last night, which I taped, and I kind of started dosing near the end. We were on the couch in the den, fireplace going (Oh - I'm going to be LOVING my fireplace this winter!) and it was just so cozy and warm, I had to snooze! I snoozed for over an hour after the shows were over, on the couch.

We had our usual gang over for poker tonight. Jamie won the first game, and neither of us won the second. It was fun though. I love having our regular poker games. It's a nice get together with friends. Next weekend the game is on Saturday night, since it's for Jamie's 30th birthday. I can't believe he's turning 30. It's my 4th birthday of his during our relationship. I celebrated his 27th, 28th, 29th, and now his 30th with him! Time flies! I have to start organizing things for his party.

Tomorrow we have a ton of stuff to do, and I have some chores and house cleaning and groceries to do. We're having 2 of my friends over for dinner tomorrow night, Fritz (whom I graduated in photography with) and his girlfriend Karine.

I started the beige crochet scarf for my sister. It's a harder wool to work with, but I think I will be okay. So far it's coming along very nicely.

Time for bed.

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