Sunday, November 20, 2005


Zeus asleep on my bed. I love it when he put his hands over his eyes.

Hopefully when I get to the magazine shop tomorrow after my class, there will be a copy of Dogs in Canada Annual waiting for me, so I can purchase it. I am thinking of purchasing 2 copies - one to keep and one to frame. After all, it's my FIRST published image ever.

Last night was uncomfortable and awkward. First off, the party didn't end up being a suprise in the end, Jamie and I were the 2nd couple to arrive to the dinner at the restaurant, when Jamie thought we were going to be late, was mad at me for leaving 5 minutes late, yet I pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant at the time (precisely) that we were expected to be there. The birthday boy was supposed to arrive at 6:15pm, but they didn't show up (and were with the rest of the people attending the party) at around 6:30pm. So we sat at the table at the restaurant with a couple that we didn't know, and it was very awkward. Dinner was okay, and then we went back to see their new apartment and for some birthday cake, and by 10pm I wanted to leave. We had been sitting there for over an hour on their couch, and pretty much bored. I should NOT have eaten the piece of cheese cake that I did... I regret it now, as it wasn't even that good. I was disapointed that we lost the hockey game (5-1) and that sucked too. (It was on the TV for background picture (with music on) and it was sad to lose). I was sooo happy to get home to my pj's and crocheting and desperate housewives! This is my scarf below, I can wrap is around 2-3 times around my neck, that's how long I made it. I like it that length. It's perfect.

Shortly I'm going over to my parents house to meet Troy. (They decided on Troy over Tucker or Austin or Jackson). I liked Tucker best, but whatever, it's not my dog. I can't wait to meet the little guy! Anyhow, I will NOT forget my camera!

I slept in today until almost 2pm. I couldn't believe it was about 1:44 when I got up. I was just zonked, and didn't set an alarm. I haven't slept this late in ages! Maybe even years! I should get ready soon, to go over to my parents, but I'm still in my pj's. My crochet scarf is coming along very well.

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