Thursday, November 10, 2005

Spiderman Balloons

My oral exam this morning went good, better than I expected. I didn't like the topic though - we had a brainstorm on ideas on the "perfect video game". I'm not a gamer. I contributed enough, and when she let us out on break, I asked her I was okay on my contribution and it was a-okay! Three people didn't show up for class this morning, which sucks to be them, as the oral exam was worth 20% of our final mark. Two of them pleaded to be allowed back into the class after break, teacher allowed, but she said it wouldn't affect their 0% for the exam. She was even very lenient, allowing class to start at 8h15 am instead of 8h00 am. And people were still late. I have no respect for those. After break, she actually didn't keep us more than 10 minutes. We wrapped up and got to leave.

I went out looking for Spiderman Balloons for my nephew’s 3rd birthday party this upcoming weekend. However I couldn’t find any, anywhere. I found a ton of other spiderman stuff, which I purchased for the Spiderman party on Saturday. I checked 2 pharmacies, 2 dollar stores and Walmart. I remembered a store near my parents house that I saw Spiderman Balloons at the other day, and I called my friend Laura in my class who lives around the corner from the store I saw them at, and she happened to be in the shopping center I was thinking of, and she went and picked me up the last package of Spiderman balloons. Phew! Task accomplished. All I need tomorrow is bagels, chopped liver and Jamaican patties (if I can find) to bring to my sister-in-law. (She can’t get any of those in the town she lives in). I will see what I can do after class and before leaving.

This evening Jamie picked up dinner, and now he has two friends over for the hockey game (The Canadiens are playing in Pittsburg tonight, I think). I cleaned my desk and my corkboard (long overdue), finished some laundry, half packed my bag for the weekend (so we can leave asap tomorrow after my class) and wrote out the addresses for my Chanukah Cards (Xmas cards are next on the list – yeah I like taking care of things early!) and also wrote out the addresses on the invitations for Jamie’s 30th birthday party – which I’m holding a texas hold’em night. I hope he likes his party! The invite list keeps growing, but I think it’ll all be good.

I’ve been sitting in front of my laptop now, watching The O.C., CSI and now ER is about to start. I’ve also managed to wrap my sister and mother’s birthday presents (their birthdays are in December, but I got their gifts so I decided to wrap them).

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