Saturday, November 12, 2005

3rd Birthday Party

Last night we got a call on Jamie's cell phone from the alarm company, that our alarm was going off. So we called Jamie's dad - we would have gotten the next call on the list, and he ran over to our place to shut off the alarm. Anyhow, it was a false alarm, with the motion detector - which we're sure was set off because one of the cats - so when I get back home, I'm going to have to call the alarm guy and get him to come back and fix it - again. He already adjusted it after the cat set off the alarm a few days after we got the alarm system installed. Thank goodness it was just a false alarm - and thank goodness Jamie's dad and step-mom where able to go to our place (we live close to them) and investigate for us. Such annoyance. I am starting to really hate this alarm system unit. We've already used our false alarm with the police due to an error in turning on the panic button and it's just non-stop problems. The alarm guy is going to have to come and fix it. I couldn't go to sleep until Jamie's dad called us back after checking out our house. Thank goodness everything is fine. Such a relief!

The party & the food was fantastic - curtosey of my mother-in-law and I helped set up and clean up, and felt useful (as I didn't cook or bake anything for the party).

My nephew got some nice birthday presents for his 3rd birthday - the lucky guy. And after he opened each gift, he went over and thanked the person who gave him the present by giving them a hug and a kiss. It was cute. When he got to our present (he opened ours last - saved the best for last - lol), he opened the card, looked at it so seriously and said "Happy Birthday Jungle Monkey". We all laughed hysterically because there was monkeys on the card that had a big number 3 on it! It was cute. I guess you had to be there.

I worked on my mother-in-law's scarf - and it's now officially coming along great! I was able to get a lot accomplished. My sister-in-law showed me how to crochet a very simple stitch, which I was able to do the casting on. Then when it came to the part where I had to start doing the first row... yeah, that was fun.. Seems easier on the hands than knitting, but I don't know... Maybe I need a bit more time to sit down and do it to learn it. I did have my mother-in-law sitting next to me over my shoulder because she wanted to learn how to do it as well, so that also wasn't exactly the best learning situation. Maybe after I'm done her scarf (I'll post pictures later when I get home - the progress is coming along GREAT) I'll work on the crochet thing. However as far as my scarf for my mother-in-law, I need to figure out some way to treat it. It's a velour yarn (that's what the packaging says) and it's like "shedding" when I am actually knitting it. Little pieces of fuzz are coming off, and I am not liking it. So, I need to figure out what to do... Anyone know anything??

Dinner was fantastic - my mother-in-law's home made lasagna (I know the recipe now to her meat sauce, so now I can make it perfectly). After the "extra" people left - we had dinner just close family, and with 2 of my sister-in-law's good friends. It was nice, had some wine, and everything was great.

Everyone has left now, and I see that the episode of Nip/Tuck that I missed on Tuesday night because I was at the hockey game is on CTV in just a few minutes, so I'm going to go put my pj's on and sit down in front of the TV, and veg.

...And maybe work a little more on the scarf...

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