Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dog Sitting & The Gorgeous Journal

I went to my 9:45 am eye doctor apt first, and my eye sight has NOT changed since 2000, and I'm considering Lasik. My eye doctor recommended me the name of a specialist, (his office is near my house), so I am going to book an apt and see how much it costs and if I'm a candidate. I'd love to not have to wear contacts or glasses ever again!

I tried calling Wendy again, my wedding photographer, and yet again, she did NOT answer her phone. I don't know if she is avoiding my call, or what? But I am starting to get really pissed off.

After my eye doctor apt, I babysat Troy (that's his name officially now, I think). He is sooooo cute. Most of the time I was there he slept, but for about an hour, we both passed out on a rug on the floor in the middle of the kitchen, cuddling. He likes body heat - as he misses sleeping on/with/around his siblings from his litter - which was pure body heat when they were all together.

Think he has enough toys? My mom won't allow him to have any toys unless it's rubber (because he's teething!)

Troy thinks he's a lap dog. In this picture I am lying on the floor and he's in in my lap!

My sister gave me my Chanukah present (a month early) since I was at her house when it came in the mail. She ordered me a journal with a personalized picture on the front. It's more like a notebook, but I love it! The inside cover is personalized as well. Very cute, see below.
I finally got home, from being out all day. I started working on my illustrator project again, and now got 2 more done, so I've got a total of 6 of 10 accomplished. I am not worried. I can do the rest tomorrow, or even if I wanted to - I could do 2 tomorrow and 2 on Thursday and then I'm done before Friday morning at 8h00 am on Friday morning. For now, I am very happy with 60% of my project completed. I am a little stressed, and probably will be okay in the end.

I just finished watching Nip/Tuck - one of the few shows I watch currently on TV. I've eliminated a few shows that I'm getting sick of.. (Regular Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent are now blech - the only one I follow now is Special Victims Unit... it's the only one I enjoy anymore.)

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