Sunday, November 27, 2005

Tea Cup Cabinet

I started working on my sister's beige scarf. The yarn is a little difficult to work with, but I'm managing. Once it is really coming along, I will photograph it! I'm crocheting it, as knitting is no good for me in the winter when my joints in my hands kill. I slept in today until almost 1pm. (I don't know what's wrong with me lately, but I've been majorly sleeping in on the weekends, trying to catch up for lost sleep during the week on school nights). I've also been napping a lot lately too, take 1 hour cat naps here and there.

... My next crochet project will probably be the baby pink baby blanket... for no one particular in mind. I don't know anyone pregnant at the moment, and I'm certainly not...

After getting up, I putzed around for about half an hour and then Jamie and I left to go out for breakfast. I enjoy going out for breakfast, we have our favourite bagel place (St. Viateur bagel).

Jamie put together the tall curio cabinet that I got as a wedding present from my brother and his girlfriend. I LOVE IT. I put all my tea cups that I wanted to put on display in it. Finally, our home is coming together! Here are pictures:

This is a picture of the shelf with the tea cups from my tennants upstairs. It was so nice of them to get us a wedding present after only knowing us for about 3 months. Aren't they gorgeous?

This is a picture of the tea cups from my tennants close up. I love that they are pink!

This is shelf number 2 (above). I got these Tea Cups from my cousins Berel and Idinha in Brazil. They are absolutely GORGEOUS. They hail from Copacabana! (Somewhere I'd love to visit!)

Close up of the tea cup from Brazil. I love the detail work on the cup.

On the bottom shelf I put this set that I got from Jamie's step-Aunt and step-Uncle as a wedding present. It comes with a tray, in the same pewter, but it didn't fit in the cabinet by not even an inch, so I put the tray away in my walunet and decided to put the pot, creamer and sugar pot on display in here. These are more "modern" than the tea cups, and they look like a completely different era, but oh well - it's what I have! I think it looks nice, and I'm very excited that I have my tea cups on display, finally!

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