Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dog Annual Update


I spoke to Lori-Ann last night, and she told me that she gave me full permission to do what I want with my negative of the dog Tanman, which is actually her mom's dog - but that she was babysitting and training at the same time, when I photographed him at her house. She even remembers giving me the permissions, 2 years ago, Fall 2003. She is curious as to how her mother found out that the dog's picture was in the magazine, because her mother is not part of the dog school, and isn't into doggy things besides owning one. Anyhow, she apologized to me for any inconvenience, as she does NOT get along with her mother, and her mother she said, is a pain in the butt. She said her mother likes to cause trouble where there's trouble to be caused. UGH! Why me! But luckily for me, Lori-Ann gave me full rights to use the pictures for my portfolio, any exhibition purposes, website, print... and she remembers! Phew!

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