Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday Madness!

What a crazy day, I feel like I just haven’t stopped. And it’s not because there was important things to do, I Just pretty much invented stuff to do, and kept busy all day, and felt like I just didn’t stop.

Today, I got via email, the codes for the 10$ gift certificates that I ordered with my points. I tried using them all (30$) in one order, but for some reason, amazon wouldn’t let me and so I had to do it in three shots – three orders. Now, I had to make sure that all three of my orders had at least 39$ in the order, so I can qualify for the free shipping. No problem, I had a book for school that I wanted on logos, I also realized that a book by one of my favourite artists Sabrina Ward Harrison was now available for 24 hour shipping (for the longest time it was 1-3 month waiting time for dispatching for shipping), so I ordered her latest book. I absolutely love her work. I discovered her when I was doing my creative arts degree back in 1998-2001. I did a final research paper to graduate comparing Sabrina Ward Harrison to 2 other artists. Last summer, July 2004, I had the opportunity to meet Sabrina on one of her workshop weekends, in Portland, Maine. On top of this great opportunity, I thought I was sooooo lucky to be staying at the same bed & breakfast that Sabrina was staying at – since we booked early (my friend Saskia & I) for this weekend. The only other people who had rooms at the workshop were Sabrina, her assistant had one room, 2 other girls shared a room for the workshop, and Saskia & I had the last room. We thought it was cool to spend extra time with her, having breakfast with her, etc. However, we discover that she was a little weird, and the things she was telling us, were a little weird. For example, she shared a story, that at one point in her life, she was sooo broke, tie in the “starving artist” label and she was living in the back corner of her studio (so she wouldn’t have to pay rent in 2 places), and since there was no bathroom there, she was going to the bathroom in a bucket. Showering at friends houses, and all that jazz, but she was telling us how at times, there were times where she didn’t leave her studio for days. Eating raman noodles which were like 5/1$ and scrounging to survive. I really didn’t need to hear about the going to the bathroom in a bucket – or not leaving her studio for days – not even to shower. GROSS! Weird. Who shares this! And to make matters worse, some of the girls who were at this workshop were even weirder. One girl, said she lived in the woods, and had no extra money, (but the money for the workshop) because she needed money to buy an axe so she can chop down wood to finish her fort, which she called home. She didn’t shave her legs nor her armpits, and didn’t wear deodorant or perfume. Very weird people. However, despite that weird weekend, Saskia & I made the most of our weekend, since we had spent close to 400$ Canadian just to attend the workshop, and not including gas or the cost of the bed & breakfast, as well as food to eat the other meals that we were there… and so we had to make the most of our weekend, since we couldn’t just leave and go home. (Not with a 7 hour drive to get home).

This is a polaroid of Sabrina giving the workshop.

This is a polaroid I took of part of the work at the workshop!

I also ordered from amazon a copy of the music for the broadway RENT. My CD is badly scratched – I can’t believe how badly I’ve taken care of it. I am very disappointed in myself, especially since it was one of my favourite albums. When ordering a new copy (as almost more than half the songs skip) I realized that they released a new edition for the movie release (November 23rd). However, I wanted to make sure that I had the original cast (broadway) version, so that’s the one that I ordered. I’m not interested in hearing Rosario Dawson singing Mimi’s role! (Even though I’m running to see the movie with her as Mimi almost immediately after it’s released!).

Creativity Class was very interesting this morning. We did a trial run for our brainstorming exam next week, and I think it’s going to be a piece of cake, however the teacher said I need to give more ideas and participate more, however it was a little hard because I was the secretary this morning and was writing down everyone’s ideas. So it was hard to write AND think of my own ideas, because I was working on writing everyone else’s ideas, trying to keep up with the speed that people were talking. Well, I don’t plan on being secretary next week because I don’t want to jeopardize my mark for the oral exam. What was really ridiculous is that every association that people in school made this morning for our trial run, was sexual or something sexually oriented. These people that I’m going to school with are immature losers when it comes to things like that. It was absolutely obnoxious and it was driving me insane. I was actually embarrassed by some of the things people were saying.

I got 2 assignments back, well 3 actually, but one of them I had already known the mark (the association assignment that I got 18/20 – and the highest mark under my mark was Laura’s 15/20). I got my acrylic painting back – which I got 10/10 on, and as well another assignment which was done in class, another 10/10. I am very happy so far with al my marks in school, and I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

I went to go check out this store that I learned about on someone’s knitting blog. It’s called Banzai and it’s on Decarie, but on the opposite end from where I just was. I found some great finds in this store – some funky stationery, a really cool back scratcher (I’m always itchy in places that I can’t reach) and some stuff for my creativity journal. A cute little store, and I am glad that I explored new ground today. It’s this cute little shop attached to a grocery store – very cute. I am always up to exploring new places – and when I read about this place on someone else’s blog I decided that I just had to get out there to check it out.

This evening Jamie and I had some chicken for dinner, and now we’ve just finished watching Survivor & Apprentice from last week and then we watched Survivor & Apprentice from this week (which we taped while watching last weeks). We’ve been pretty busy and got behind on watching the shows we usually watch. I’m backed up on Law & Order from Tuesday & Wednesday night, OC from this evening, CSI, ER and Without a Trace from tonight as well, which I just taped. I will catch up. I’m a tv junkie! I watch a lot of tv.

I decided that this Saturday I am starting my Star Wars marathon. I have never seen an entire episode (except for kinda seeing Episode II in theaters, but I was on a date and do you actually think I was watching the movie? The date was going VERY well! LOL)…. So since people look at me funny because I’ve never seen an episode before of star wars – I’m going to change that and try to start bright and early on Saturday…. And just keep on watching.

That’s the plan. I am off to bed shortly, and tomorrow I’m taking a self-day. I have a lot of things that I want to get accomplished, I’m going to have lunch with Jamie and his friends from his old job, and we’re having friends over tomorrow night to play poker.

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