Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Library Memberships Cost?

Class this morning was absolutely freezing (note to self - bring in an extra sweater next week (and I was wearing a long sleeved shirt today with a sweater!)) We were handed out the handouts for the final project and we went over it in detail. Our teacher went around going over everyone's subject for the final project and she approved of mine - I just have to remember that if I am going to do the subject of dogs, and I'm planning on using cartoon dogs, then I must keep the material (body copy) light, and not too heavy. I don't to have the images fun and the text heavy reading. That wouldn't be good.

This afternoon I worked a bit on my creativity journal, I just want to finish it already so that I can have it done before it's due. Technically I have one journal that is done - but I took it to the next level and decided to work on a second one - since I finished the first one. My second one is coming along very nicely. I am loving this project!

After parking my car back home I took a walk (in the rain) around the corner to the Jewish Public Library. I inquired about a membership - I had no idea that it costs money to join a library. I walked around - deciding if I wanted a membership or not - but they didn't have the greatest selection, and I tend to like to own books, so I decided that I wasn't going to sign up today. If I sign up in the month of November, I get 20% off my membership, and since I'm a student, that would be 20$ instead of 25$. Regular membership for non-students is 50$. INSANE! When I lived at my parents house, the local library cost nothing for a membership - you just had to live in the area. I'll think about it. November (for the special) isn't over yet.... so... I'm not worried. But I really wasn't impressed with their selection.

Jamie just got home from work, but he went to his mom's place first to pick up some stuff that we're bringing to his sister's place for my nephew's 3rd birthday party. His mom was cleaning out her house - and we're each loading up our car to bring stuff to his sister. Jamie's dad just dropped by with the cake for Merlyn's 3rd birthday, and some home baked goodies for us! Jamie wants to play cribbige (card game) and watch some tv. So I'm off for the night.

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