Thursday, November 17, 2005

The dead scarf

Jazz likes to sit on my chair with me when I use my computer. At first I thought it was cute, so I took some pictures today. But now I find it very annoying! If I don't sit back completely in my chair, he jumps behind me and rubs himself against my back as if I am a scratching post for an itch on his back... or something! Anyhow, I like the way these pictures came out.

After class today, I came home and watched some Desperate Housewives (2 discs left to go, and I'm loving it and addicted!) while watching it, I took care of some stuff around my office.

I worked a bit on my mother-in-law's scarf - however it is now pronounced dead. When I changed the colour for the first time from red to brown, when tying this velour yarn, it ripped. Anyhow, I figured that I could just sew it, and give it some stitches to hold it together. Well, it started unravelling. And after working really hard on it, it's an unfinished project... in the garbage. I swear, I will never ever work with velour yarn ever again.

So I feel really bad, but I am sure that my mother-in-law will understand. I picked up some other yarn and worked a bit on this crochet thing. I understand what to do- but I think I am forgetting to do something, because as I go up the rows, it's getting thiner and narrower by the row... so obviously I am forgetting to do something! What a piss off! I think I am going to google "how to crochet" and figure out what I am doing wrong!

Tomorrow I have any early class again, 8 am every morning 4 days a week, and I am zonked. It's a workshop period tomorrow, so I have to get work done on my illustrator project that is due next Friday. Wow - it's due next Friday - already.

Tomorrow afternoon Jamie & I are going to visit his grandmother in the hospital (a medication she was on - she reacted to - she's going to be okay).

I have a ton of stuff that I want to get accomplished tomorrow, and then tomorrow night we're having friends over for poker. Our usual Friday night gang.

Saturday night we were supposed to have my friend Fritz (whom I graduated from photography with) and his long time girlfriend. However, Jamie forgot to mention to me that we have his friend's birthday dinner at some restaurant off the island (where they live) and we're going. So, reluctantly, I emailed Fritz and asked him to come the following weekend, and he emailed me back to tell me that it's okay, that next weekend is okay! I feel really bad, but Jamie said he would take the blame for it - it's his fault he forgot to tell me, and well... yeah. I called the restaurant we're going to - to ask if they have whole wheat pasta (it's italian we're going to), and they said that they don't have whole wheat meals right now, but Monday they are getting their new menus in, and as of next week, they will have whole wheat. Not until Monday? I hope they have something for me to eat on Saturday night!

I cooked dinner tonight. Jamie was VERY impressed and he said he can no longer say that he's the only one that cooks. I have been very daring and trying lately. I found this recipe today, altered it a little bit and voila... it was FANTASTIC!

Mediterranean Chicken and Pasta Bake

Chicken cut up in pieces (as much as you want to fill the bottom
of your 8x8 or so sized cooking pan)
1 tbsp Bertolli Olive Oil or Canola Oil
4 cups baby spinach leaves
1 pkg Lipton SoupWorks Minestrone Soup
1 can diced tomatoes 796 mL
1/4 cup chopped fresh basil
2 tbsp finely sliced black olives (optional)
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese or marble cheese

Preheat oven to 350° F (180° C). In a large, nonstick skillet set over medium-high heat, brown the chicken in olive oil. Remove the chicken from the skillet and arrange in a single layer in a well-greased 8-inch (20 cm) baking dish. Place the spinach evenly over the chicken. Combine Lipton Soupworks Minestrone Soup mix with the tomatoes, basil and black olives. Spread this mixture evenly over top off the spinach. Add on top the green, red, yellow or orange pepper. Cover with foil and bake for 55 minutes. Uncover and sprinkle with cheese. Bake 10 minutes more or until the cheese is bubbly.


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