Sunday, November 13, 2005

Weekend Photos

This is the scarf that I'm working on for my mother-in-law. It's coming along pretty nice, I think. My mother-in-law likes it - that's all that counts. I need to figure out how to treat this material - it's called Velour. (I think) Anyone have any suggestions? I need so that it doesn't shed little pieces all over my mother-in-law's jacket when she wears it. I'm new to knitting and new to this kind of yarn - so any help would be fantastic.

Above is a picture of myself with my nephew.

Merlyn taking a picture of me taking a picture. He has his own camera now, the one he's holding, however, it doesnt take actual pictures, you need to fill it up with water, and when you pretend to take someone's picture, it splashes water out of the lens area. Very funny. I thought it was really cute, that's why I got it!

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