Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Finally ... but not!

I finally got my check in the mail this morning from Dogs in Canada Annual for Purina using my photograph. Small problem though - even though the check is written out to someone at my address - I am definitely not "Gwenn Armode" and I have no idea who that person is. So someone out there probably has my check to their address... unless my check was the only mistake. So I called the woman that I deal with at Dogs in Canada, and left her a voicemail regarding this situation, and I have no idea what to do. This is totally not cool, what they have done. I can't really cash it - since the check is not in my name. I wish I knew this person, so I could have it endorsed and then cash it. The lady called me back - but I missed her call, and she asked me to call her back with the other person's name, so that they could figure out what to do about the situation. I just am going to laugh about this situation.

I finished my aprons for my sister-in-law and mother-in-law for Xmas. I wrapped them up with wooden spoons and rolled it and tied it with a ribbon. I bought "wine bag" gift bags - cuz they were rolled long, and it fit right in, and it looks great!

I have been feeling very Martha Stewart lately. Kinda funny, actually. I have been crafting things, creating things, making homemade gifts and crafts, cooking a lot more than usual. Is there something wrong with me or is this normal? I'm kind of laughing about it... I don't know why?

I need to sit down and start my wedding scrapbook - with the pictures from the disposable cameras. Also - my wedding photographer has until this Friday to call me with the news that my proofs are ready - or I'm calling her and telling her when I will be swinging by for them. She told me 3-4 weeks I'd have proofs, and now it's 2 months on the 18th (Friday). Wow.. I can't believe I've been married for 2 months already. And married life is not really that different from life before being married. I wasn't sure what to expect. But things are great, as usual. (Knock on wood).

Other projects I need to finish asap - my mother-in-law's scarf. The scarf I started for myself. The gift basket for my father-in-law for Xmas (I finally came up with an idea for him for a gift - now I just need to figure out what to get my dad - WHY are men so HARD to shop for?)

On another note - I made fish for dinner tonight, it was really good. I love making salmon. I figure out just the right (and super easy) way to make it.

Sleep tight.

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