Thursday, November 24, 2005

Project Completed

Almost no one showed up to school today - about half the class.. not even. There was a LOT of people missing, which sucks, because it was a workshop, and it was a workshop for our final project, which we have to create our alter ego and a dream world, and I HATE DRAWING, and I CANT DRAW - so this assignment is a difficult one for me - if you can't see! I suck at drawing, I hate drawing, especially humans. I just can't do it. And because there was less than half the class there today, she was able to give more attention to each student, and generally this is a good thing - however, since we were drawing, she focused on drawing today and I just didn't feel comfortable. Do you know what I mean??? Everyone must be sick? Which sucks, because I hope it's not going around, I don't want to get sick. Not at this time of the year, and not with 3 weeks of school left. I finish on December 16th, for this semester. If I get sick - then it can wait until after I hand in my final project - that I don't mind. But I also don't want to be sick over the holidays, I want to be able to ENJOY my holidays, take long baths, watch lots of movies, go out and play in the snow with anyone who wants to join me.... (lol)... (I don't own snow pants so I guess this one's out of the question).

It turns out that there is MORE work involved in my final project for my creativity class. Thank goodness that I finished my creativity journal already, that's due next Thursday, because I don't know if I would have any time to do all my final projects and still work on stuff that has been given at the beginning of the semester, but with an almost end of the semester due date. I am sure that one journal would have even been sufficient, however, I had the time, so I worked on two, and I absolutely LOVE THEM! I hope that she doesn't take 2 weeks to correct mine, because I will miss them while they're in her possession. I can't decided if she's going to "correct" and look at mine first, because she's so excited to look at mine, I wouldn't even give her a peak at them in class - lol - or if she's save mine for last ... to savour and enjoy. (I think I am also the only one who put ANY work in my creativity journal). Laura I think is going to do a decent job - but I think I am the only one who was truly passionate about this project. I even got this really cute little gift bag - to put both journals in to hand them in together, like a package. It's all pink with a girl on it with her cat, a purse and a shopping bag in hand.... Just like me! Same colour hair - same length hair - it's sooo me! LOL... So far the more work involved - I thought it was just 15 sketches that we had to hand in - and 6 of them colour. (Draw about 8 alter-egos and then photocopy 7 of them (8+7=15) and colour them in). However, I got that wrong. We have to do 15 DIFFERENT sketches, and then take 1 of them, and photocopy it 6 times and then colour it in - testing colours and playing with colours, etc. So that's 21 sketches to hand in - but 6 are photocopies from one pencil sketch - then coloured in. We then have to do the SAME exact thing for the landscape dream world that we have to create. Oh, am I loathing this assignment, especially since I HATE drawing! FOR 2.5 HOURS! I definitely perfer other mediums. That's for sure. I wish I could do the landscapes at home - but then what am I going to do in class next Thursday for 2.5 hours? I could prepare my landscapes and then do my photocopies of my 1 alter-ego and my 1 landscape, and then spend 2.5 hours colouring them in next week? That is also an option. But I feel like I should leave the landscape drawings to do in class, and also come prepared with my photocopies of my alter-ego - and colour that in, in class as well. I guess I will see how much time I have to work on it, and if I want to work on it - and figure it out from there, if I want to do it beforehand or not.

I am working on my illustrator project that's due tomorrow. I'm making the changes that are needed to the ones I've already done, (I didn't know that I wasn't allowed to use grey and that it has to be all in black & white), but those changes are very easy to do - so I am working on them! Then I have 4 more to create - I can do it! I should be able to finish it this afternoon.

Next week on DVD is March of the Penguins. I'm dying to see it. It's a documentary I believe, but still, I love penguins! Not enough to collect them though. I collect statues of elephants (and I've given up on my shot glass collection - it was getting way too out of control!) I love going to see the penguins at the biodome here in Montreal. They are sooooo cute, and I love watching them walk and swim and play and slide... I feel sad though, that they are contained in a building for people to see them and stare at them and all that... I mean, would you want to be stared at? I wouldn't want to be disturbed! So, I'm looking forward to this documentary coming onto DVD. I'll be runing to the video store to rent it - let me tell you. I hope that the 1$ rental place near my house will have it in stock. They are like a vending machine where you pop in a pre-paid card, and select the movie you want to rent, and it pops out of the machine like a coca-cola would at a vending machine! Whoever invented this - is genius! Let me tell you! Genius!

I finished my illustrator project. All done. PHEW! It's due tomorrow morning at 8h00 am, and I'm all set to hand it in! I just need to "research" a colour, and then I'm all set! These are all the 10 images that I created for this assignment.

I am really happy with the final results, and when I ran out to do errands after I was done, I looked for number stickers (at 2 pharmacies and 2 different dollar stores, and couldn't find). Why can I never find what I'm looking for when I need it?
Dinner smells ready. Goodnight.
Oh and ps- Troy's name is now Bosco. He's been bossy and just like the character on Third Watch, so my parents think Bosco is a more fitting name. On top of it - my mom wanted a 2 sylable name for the dog, and Troy just isn't. Whenever I thought of Troy, I think of the Brad Pitt movie, and I don't like Brad Pitt, so anything is better than Troy! But my sister says that Bosco is 99% his name. Sounds cute.

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