Monday, November 07, 2005

Slow Cookers. Can one have too many?

On top of not being able to sleep last night, I had a dream that I was pregnant - or rather getting pregnant. I know that I'm ready to have a baby - and I want a baby - but not until I'm done school. And I know that I am not pregnant but the dream felt so real. (I've never experienced pregnancy before - so the dream is as real as I can imagine it to be real.. you know?) But waking up from that dream - wow. I really want to have a baby! It was such a magical feeling. One day.... maybe one day soon.... but not until I'm done school! That's for sure!

I raked up all the leaves on my front walkway and trashed all the garbage that has blown onto our property (so gross). I even found a really wet newspaper (from who knows when - which probably couldn't have been ours - because Jamie has me calling up the Gazette the second his paper is late in the morning!). Took me almost an hour - but I cleaned up the outside quite nicely. I am very impressed with the clean up job I did. And I felt good afterwards.

Made plans this evening to see a friend - my friend Julie - that I used to work with. I hadn't seen her since my wedding, even though I didn't really hang out with her at my wedding - since there was soooo many people there for us. I did hang out with her at my bachelorette - that was nice. We used to work together, for 1 year, but I met her before I started working at the video store in August of 2004. I used to have a locker next to hers back in college when I was doing my creative arts degree (so even before my 3 year program in photography that I just graduated from in May). So I've known her since about 2000-2001. She's actually really good friends with my aunt's sister's son Jon. Small world.

I went over to her place, and we ordered dinner. I hadn't seen Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (the movie that's released on DVD tomorrow) with Johnny Depp (OH DO I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP!) Anyhow, I had it on my list - and they mailed it out to me - I got it in the mail today. I figured it wasn't Jamie's type of movie - he couldn't care less for these types - so I knew that I could watch it on my own or with a friend. So now I can mail it back to and get a new movie! (I love this dvd mailing membership - don't really have to leave the house, besides returning it via mail - but there is a mailbox really close to my house!) Now I just need to watch the original - Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory - apparently it's better than Johnny Depp's version. I hope to get to that this week. I have so many movies and TV shows on my "want to watch list" it's nuts!

Julie gave me Jamie's & my belated wedding present. She had come to the wedding - but the gift was too big and too heavy for her to bring to the wedding. I opened it up just now - a slow cooker. NOT ANOTHER SLOW COOKER! What am I to do? I got THREE for our engagement party. I returned 2. I got another 2 for my bridal shower. I returned those 2. I got 2 for the wedding (including this belated one). Ugh! That was why I registered. If people would have looked at my wedding registry - they would have known that I received one already, and don't need 7! How many of these things do I need? JUST ONE! LOL. I feel bad - because I will thank her for the gift - but what am i supposed to do about it? I already have one that is opened, and that has been used. There was no gift receipt with it - and I will NOT ask her for one.

Well - I'm going to crawl into bed and watch Las Vegas which I taped this evening. So happy that I have the day off tomorrow. I have to go to Goodyear tomorrow and put winter tires on my car. I think I'll have lunch with Jamie since I'll be near where he works!

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