Monday, November 28, 2005

Dogs & Yarn

Two things are upsetting me at the moment, bothering me to no end. One is completely rediculous and totally not urgent or important whatsoever. The other things is more major, so which do I talk about first?

I guess I will talk about the stupid thing that is bothering me. My sister's scarf. I started it and it's coming along beautifully. It looks fantastic. However, I could only find 3 balls of the yarn at the store that I bought it at originally. Silly thing is, I got it at a dollar store called Dollarama. Each ball of yarn was 1$. The yarn, pretty good quality for a dollar store. Anyhow, I have been to about 4 Dollarama's since I left my mother's house on Tuesday when I babysat Bosco, first looking for the perfect yarn, then not being able to find enough of it. At first, I thought 3 balls was enough, but it certainly is not. I need atleast 1-2 more of it. If I find more, I'd purchase 3 more, just in case. That's the plan. I have a list of 9 more Dollaramas to either call or search tomorrow. I am hoping that I find some more of this yarn. I don't understand why there isn't any more in stock. I did find some of the same company, but in neon colours like blue, pink, orange and yellow. Nothing that even goes with beige. You know? Hiddeous colours, is what reamins on shelves. I guess I was very lucky to find the beige one at that random location. Anyhow, I'm hoping there is atleast one ball left - somewhere. I even checked Zellers today, they didn't even have anything remotely close to match. I may check out Walmart after I get my flu shot tonight, which I am expecting a lift to (from my dad) shortly. I really don't want to take apart this scarf, I really like it, and I'm hoping that I can finish it. I really don't want to restart a new one for my sister. If that's what it comes down to - if I really CAN'T find any more yarn, I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll undo some of it, put another soft beige or white in the middle, then finish it off with the resst of what I unravelled. I dont know. I havent decided yet. I just didn't think it would be an issue to find this yarn.

The major thing that is bothering me right now, is that I got a call today from Dogs in Canada (don't worry I'm still getting paid of the photograph I submitted) but they got a call from Purina, asking about the photograph I submitted. Apparently a lady named Judy called up and bitched about her dog being in a magazine, and how do I have the right... etc... I do have the right! I photographed her dog, yes, she wasn't around, but her daugheter who was dog sitting at the time, gave me full rights to the images I was taking. So - this is exactly how I explained it to the woman, Beverly, that I've been dealing with at Dogs in Canada.

I photographed a dog named Mojo - through the Lakeshore Dog Training Association. I was photographing dogs for a black & white (fiber base - I left out Fiber base, beacause I'm sure she has no idea that this is a kind of photographic paper) portfolio for school in my 2nd year of a 3 year program. When I went over to photograph Mojo - to owner Lori Ann's house, she was babysitting her mom's dog, or mother-in-law's dog, TanMan. She asked me if I wanted to photograph both, and I said yes, if she didn mind, as the more the merrier for my portfolio. She gave me the right (concent) to use these images for my portfolio, exhibition, web usage or in any other way that I choose. Now, this was a verbal concent, which is okay. (It doesn't have to be in writting, but from now on, boy, will I be having anyone I photograph sign a contract for usage of the images). These were images that I used for a school portfolio, and I was given rights to do with them as I please.

So, now, I'm hunting down Lori-Ann, my mother gave me her phone number, she's expected home around 8pm, so I will try calling back soon, and I will remind her that she gave me the rights to the pictures. I would have thought that her mother, or mother-in-law would have been super happy that the image was in a reputable DOG magazine?

My mother told me to be polite when I call - apparently sometimes when I'm angry I don't sound nice, so I will try very hard and be very nice. I will update you after I get my flu shot and call Lori-Ann.

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