Friday, December 23, 2005

Chores Friday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NORMA! (My mother-in-law!)

I got on a cleaning kick today. Accomplished A LOT of laundry, and cleaned my stove, AND my microwave (boy was it nasty) and all the dishes in my sink. I had to run out and pick up some Cascade as I was running out and some apple juice for my nephew since he's staying with us tonight with my sister-in-law. Came home and continued on chores. I cleaned my shelf on my bookcase that is dedicated to school stuff (books and markers and rulers, you name it). I should have done a before and after picture because there is a huge difference in the clean up that I did! I cleaned my desk drawer and it's so much more neater now, I love neat. It got crazy messy during the last 2 weeks of school and I didn't have the time yet to tidy it.

My sister-in-law Andrea along with my nephew Merlyn came into town around 4:30 pm and we hung out a bit, I got a few more chores done and since Jamie is out with some friends tonight watching the hockey game at some sports bar, we just hung out - I made dinner (pasta with the sauce that I made the other day) and we've been hanging out watching TV and crocheting.

Tonight my sister-in-law and I decided to watch TV and crochet and Merlyn decided that he even wanted to make stuff too - and so we let him play with a ball of yarn that we weren't using, nor will either of us probably use - so we let him scrap it.

This is my cutie nephew Merlyn. I love him to pieces. He just turned 3 last month and he's the greatest smartest kid ever!

Going to go into the basement and watch some TV with Andrea. Merlyn's asleep now and he's in the den (where I perfer to watch TV) but anyhow!

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