Saturday, December 24, 2005

Xmas Dinner

Christmas dinner was fantastic, we had the same as we had last year, pasta with a clam sauce, but Jamie's step-sister surprised us this year with her own cream of broccoli soup and boy was it FANTASTIC. Jamie wants me to learn how to make the recipe! I don't mind learning, it was fantastic. All of dinner was fantastic!

This is my new favourite sweater, also from Jamie's dad and step-mom. I absolutely LOVE pink and I love the sweaters. And it fits just right. Jamie also got a gorgeous sweater and a really nice shirt from his dad and step-mom for Xmas. Xmas was good to us this year.
Jamie's dad took a picture of Jamie & I next to the Xmas tree. I found a picture of myself with Jamie from last Xmas and I want to compare my weight loss from this year from last. The picture is on Jamie's dad's camera, so I will show it once I even get it. I don't have it yet. But I am sure there will be a change in my body from one year to the next. 25 lbs isn't small - so you will see the change - I hope!

I went into the hot tub tonight - outside with Andrea, Mark and Karen. It was really nice. I really enjoyed myself. It was very relaxing. We were in there almost an hour - it was crazy! I was almost wrinkly when I got out! But it was so relaxing and I definitely needed it. That's for sure. It was actually nice outside too. I think it was only about 0C degrees or +1C degrees outside.

It was a nice Christmas Eve.

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