Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last Day of The Year

So, it's finally the last day of the year. I slept in today and got up around noon. I love sleeping in. Always feels fantastic to get up and out of bed when I feel like it. After getting up, we slowly got ready and decided to head out and go to Costco. I stopped at the dollar store first, and picked up some more yarn for the project I'm working on (I found this fantastic chunky yarn at the dollar store!) and it's turning out to be a fantastic scarf right now. I decided that I wanted to learn how to make the zigzag pattern so I can make a ripple afghan and figured I might as well start off with a small item to learn the pattern (like a scarf) so incase I mess up, I'm just practicing and not wasting a lot of yarn. I found a pattern in So Simple Crochet by Melody Griffiths and have started it. I've re-started it twice already today, trying to follow a pattern for the first time.
After Costco, we picked up some remaining items for dinner at the grocery store, and then headed home. We each did our own thing for a little while.

Eventually we made dinner (well, I give Jamie credit for mostly all of it - THANKS LOVE!) and we opened a bottle of wine and had a nice meal, started off with some shrimps and cocktail sauce, then lamb chops with some rice and steamed veggies. It was delicious. We had a french wine, and then once that was done, I cracked open a cheaper bottle of wine, just to keep the buzz.After dinner we watched the USA vs. Canada game (CANADA WON!) and then the Montreal Canadiens game (we got our ass kicked by 1 point by Carolina).

In 2005 I:
Got married.
Lost 25 pounds.
Moved into our First House.
Celebrated my husband's 30th birthday.
Graduated from a Professional Photography School.
Started a new program in Graphic Design.
Got a new car.
Learned to Crochet.

In 2006 I will:
Bring lunch and snacks to school - no more buying expensive cafeteria food.
Do Yoga/Pilates at least 3-4 times a week.
Join the Gym Monday - go with Jamie!
Drink more water.
Floss teeth more.
Try to brush teeth after every meal.
Stop procrastinating.
Improve my golf swing.
Be organized at school.
Make sure to have projects done in enough time.
Learn how to make socks, ripple afghan and the purse in Family Circle's Easy Crochet magazine. Finish art projects that I've been wanting to do.
Vaccum and clean bathroom more often. (I hate these 2 chores).
Read lots of good books, find more time to read.
Have more dinner parties with friends.

It's about that time to go put on ABC or NBC for the ball drop. Happy New Year & Speak to you in 2006!

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