Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Brand New Year

Wow. It's a brand new year. 2006. I am not too sure where 2005 went though, it went by so fast. But, here is a brand new year, ready for whatever I make of it. And this year, I plan to make the most of it, and create new projects and things, and it's going to be fantastic.

I decided to start working on this scarf in the book - So Simple Crochet, to see if I can figure out how to do the zigzag pattern. So I'm totally into it - it's working out - but unfortunately, LOOK at the SIZE of this thing. This is a scarf? It's almost 16 inches WIDE! Who wears a scarf this thick? I fold it in half and it's still very wide! I like it though, and I love the pink and brown colour scheme. I want to see if I can do the same thing, just smaller. I just got to figure out how... (using the same colours).

I watched the movie Broken Flowers with Jamie this evening, had mailed it out to me early (it doesn't come out on DVD until Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006). I didn't really like it. Very slow and just ends. I am a Bill Murray fan (Lost in Translation) but this one really didn't do it for me. Not sure if I recommend it to anyone.

Been watching a few more episodes of Six Feet Under, onto Season 5 right now, and loving it. I am dying to see how Season 5, the final season, ends. Well, I'm on episode 4, of 12 episodes, so we'll see shortly.

Nothing much else going on today. Took care of some laundry, finally. Just have Jamie's pile to do tomorrow. We left all the cleanup in the kitchen for tomorrow as well, didn't really want to do much cleaning today. There's always tomorrow. Jamie's still off work for the next 2 days, so we have plenty of time.
Happy 2006 everyone.

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