Friday, January 27, 2006

Fun Stuff

A crafter friend online, Monica sent me some awesome stuff to collage with - stuff that I don't even know where I would even find here in my home town, and I love it. I need to find cool stuff like this. I plan on starting a new journal soon, (have the journal) just want to collect enough stuff first before beginning it - so I can hopefully accomplish a lot of it in one shot. I love creating and working on it - and I have these lovely brown recycled journals that I want to work with.

Monica's mail was pretty cool, on the outside of the envelope had this stamp on it:
So I emailed her to ask her where she got it. They are from Meer Image. I love stamps though! So much fun to play with.

I also saw this one (Do not attempt to open) but I don't send enough postcards to buy it, and also, I don't EVER have room on the backside of the postcard to even stamp that on - I always have a ton of writing and there would be no room. Oh well. It's pretty neat. I like a lot of the stamps they have on their site.
This afternoon I just chilled at home, did a few things around the house, including yet MORE laundry (which seems to never end) and cleaned up a bit around the house.
I also got a cute package in the mail today from my friend Sherrie in Boston. I got some watercolor paints (Crayola - love it!), some ouchless hair elastics, a magnet where you insert your own picture for my fridge, some birthday candles (not too sure why, it's not my birthday yet - but you can always be prepared with birthday candles), I also got some mints, chocolate chips cookies (bad bad Sherrie, she knows I'm on a diet - but I ate them anyhow! They were so soft and chewy! LOL). She also wrote me a card - and I can't wait to use the watercolors, as I have leftover postcards from the postcard swap - which are plain, (I collaged on top of them), and they are actually watercolor paper. Can't wait!) Oh, and she sent some Cat Nip for Zeus and Jazz.

Jazz is never photogenic I find. I am always disappointed when taking pictures of him. They never come out as I'd like, since he's all black. In this picture, I see his mouth, but it's hard to tell. The cat was lying on his back, after taking a whiff of the cat nip. I don't know what's in there, but it's certainly cat drugs!

Zeus is always photogenic.

I love this cat. He's so cute. And he went NUTS over the cat nip. I
can't believe my cats actually got mail. That's impressive!

I felt like it was my birthday or something today - getting the package from Sherrie.

This evening Jamie had his friends over to play poker, I decided NOT to play, so I opened a bottle of wine, and just relaxed. Feeling really good right now.

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