Monday, January 16, 2006

Belated Chanukah Presents

During class I finally got my FINAL mark on my final project from last semester for that class that my mark got messed up on. Well - good news, as I thought! I got 37.5/40 on that final project, which brings my mark from a 48%/60% to an 85.5%/100% as my final mark! WOOHOO! I am sooo impressed with myself. And with this mark, I total with just a little over 92% as my grade average, which is great, because I need to finish with above 90% overall (I'm pretty sure) to get a second certificate upon graduation, the certificate of excellence, which is what I am trying to achieve here.

After class Laura gave me a belated Chanukah present, all I can say is interesting.

What do you do when you get a gift you just don't want? Or like?

This evening I WANTED to get more laundry done, but we went over to Jamie's friend Adam's place for the second premiere night of the show 24. WHICH WAS FANTASTIC. Ahhh - it's going to be a good season... started off just great.

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