Monday, January 09, 2006

Ode To My Favourite Earring (Which is Lost)

Today I lost my favourite earring. I still have one - but I lost one. Let me tell you that I am very upset about it.
My day started out by waking up early, as I had some stuff to do, and worked a bit on the freelance project that I am working on for my father's company. I got a bit done in the morning, but I'm working with photographs that I took, "words" and any empty computer canvas .... wasn't sure where to start... so I started playing around with style and images for this slideshow that he wants me to put together, so he can take it with him when he goes to the Franchise Show in Toronto next weekend.
I thank god I bumped into Kathleen when I got to school today - the teacher that I had the mark mistake with. Anyhow, she said that "if she remembers correctly" my CD wouldn't open and she couldn't mark my final assignment. So I need to bring in another CD with my files tomorrow morning when I have her as a teacher.
While waiting for class to start - we were there a good half an hour already - another teacher (whom we have tomorrow for the first time ever) asks us why we were waiting because class was cancelled. CANCELLED? Why? Our teacher Lorraine (whom I was sooo excited to have this semester) broke her leg in a skiing accident over winter break and she's out for 2 months. They are not sure whom we will have as a teacher, so we have no classes this week for whatever classes we had Lorraine for. Classes will resume next week, and it will either be JP or Benoit (whom I don't know) as a teacher next week for all of Lorraine's classes. I really hope it's JP. I didn't get a chance to have him last semester because I got exempt from Intro to Computers and would really like to have him as a teacher - I hear he's really cool and easy going. Benoit - who knows who this guy is.... but I won't judge until I see what's going on. However I am VERY dissapointed that I don't have Lorraine this semester. I really wanted her as my teacher.
Since we had no class today - Laura and I went out for lunch to our favourite Souvlaki place near my house. When I got to the restaurant - I was showing the hostess (who grew up on Jamie's street) my wedding pictures (since I brought them to show Laura) and Erin the hostess said to me "You know you're only wearing 1 earring".... DAMN IT! I lost an earring? Frig!
After lunch, I searched my car. No luck. I then decided to run to the store that I got it at. They had none left. Then I went to another one of their store locations - none left. Since that store location was next to school - I retraced my steps in school, asked at the lost and found - but no luck. Then since I still had time, and there was one more store downtown, I decided to try one last time - no earrings of the same kind left. DAMN IT. And these weren't very expensive earrings either - they were 2 for 5$ or 3$ each. So the earrings cost me 2.50$. BUT - they were my favourite pair and I've been wearing them almost daily since I got them.
Got home, still mad, and didn't feel like doing much.
Now I'm going to go crawl into bed, and maybe hope that someone found my earring at school and brought it to lost and found!

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