Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sister Time

Bosco was just about getting up when I got there from his morning nap. My parents had fed him and let him out before leaving to the airport. I took him out when I got there, (apparently when he's up you need to take him out to pee every hour - he's not even 4 months old, so this is to avoid any accidents - which he hasn't had in months - he'll generally go to the back door when he has to pee - but if you play too long, he can forgot to ask - so you have to take him out). My mother left me a list TWO pages long on his schedule, routine, how to feed him, when to feed him, how to do this, how to do that...

Spoke to my parents, they're flight was delayed, my mom kept "checking in" on how the dog was doing.

During his afternoon nap I did some errands. I went to pick up the DVD of my wedding digital files from my wedding photographer's office, her assistant was holding fort while Wendy my wedding photographer is on vacation, as she apparently mailed my DVD weeks ago, but I still have no received it in the mail. Mail from the same city to the same city never takes more then 2 days. It's been since about December 13th, and still no mail from her. So, I picked up another copy, and went on my merry way. Watch, I'll get her DVD in the mail sometime next week. If not, it is very lost! After leaving there, I went to the yarn shop in the same area and picked up a stitch counter, a really cool yarn cutter that you can use on airlines (looks like a necklace pendant) as well as some stitch markers.

I headed home and had to play with Bosco for a couple of hours before dinner, as late afternoon is his "WILD" time of the day. Boy was he wild and a devil. After dinner he pretty much slept for a few hours in the den, while my sister and I watched a movie and I worked on the afghan that I'm crocheting for myself (I think).

It was really great hanging out with my sister tonight. We watched a movie called This Girls' Life and it was very interesting. Plot Outline: "Slice of life" take on life of international porn celebrity, Moon, and her musings on modern life, love and loss.

Just about to go into a shower and Amy will straighten my hair for me. It really was nice hanging out with her tonight, it's been a while since we've had a "sisters night".

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