Tuesday, January 24, 2006

WIP & Other Stuff

Last night I took apart the afghan that my grandmother helped me start, and I took it apart because there was a TON of errors on it. I could not continue on it, it was just not cool. It really bothered me. So, today, I restarted it, but for some reason, this time it curled up. (See below)

It should be flat, like the top row here (above), and the bottom row, is what it's doing (the curling). So I pinned it out, and it seems fine now. If it curls up again, then I'm going to try blocking it, but so far, so good. It was pinned out straight all night, on the bookshelf in my office.

This is the grey scarf (very plain) that I started for Jamie for V-day. It's not finished, I plan on making it thicker, it's not thick enough for him yet. It's right now a skein and a half. I can see it easily being between 2-3 full skeins. I hope he will like it. He likes things simple and plain and not busy. I was going to do it two colours, black and grey, but I thought eh would like the grey alone better. The grey is actually a little darker than this in real life - I guess the flash messed with the colour a little bit. (So picture it a little darker).

While I was watching TV this evening in the den, Zeus was sleeping next to me covering his eyes - boy was it adorable!

Watched the 2 hour American Idol today - SOOO FUNNY. I love Simon and the way he makes fun of people who can't sing. I love watching the people who can't sing. And I laugh. And I laugh some more.
So happy I have the day off tomorrow. Things I want to get done!

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