Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Job Interview

Today I saw that there was an ad still in the newspaper in the Classifieds section, for a job for a part time assistant dog trainer/walker. So, I emailed my CV. I had seen the ad on the weekend in the paper, and it seemed interesting, but I didn't think twice about it. Today, I saw it again, and said "what the heck".

Zoe, the owner, called me back this afternoon, and at 3:45pm I had an interview. It's a good thing that she lives around the corner from my house.

Her company's website states: "'Piloting your puppy' means opening up to a world of possibilities, making your desire for a happy, attentive, and playful canine companion take flight.

Our destination is always about improving your dog's life and behaviour. From your dog’s arrival and across their lifespan, PUP is by your side helping you every step, trek, and leap along the way.

With PUP at the helm, the very best in dog training and care is at your disposal.

The skies just got a lot friendlier. Welcome aboard."


This would be my job:

PUP Tours is a unique one-on-one dog walking service that takes dog outings to a whole new level of fun, exercise and learning.

PUP Tours provides your dog with essential cardio activity, while teaching road safety skills and positive leash training. PUP Tours addresses challenging walking behaviours (i.e. lunging, chasing, pulling, aggression, etc.), by using positive leadership and guided walking.

Tours with small groups of dogs are also available.

It would entail about one month worth of paid training, and then I could take the dogs out on my own. I would usually work with 1 dog at a time, and maybe get the 2 dog small group if I'm comfortable. I would only be working about 10 hours a week - which is great, considering I am in school and don't have much time. I'd do 6 hours on Wednesdays and 4 on Friday afternoons. Perfect! STILL HAVE MY WEEKENDS FREE! I love it.

I think the interview went great. I will find out on the weekend if I got the job or not - Zoe's still interviewing people all week. She's looking to hire 2 people.

Zoe requires atleast a 6 month commitment when she hires you, because what's the point of her training you and investing all her time in you, and then after like 2 months, you quit on her. Plus, also, the dogs get confused when trainers keep switching on them. If I get this job, I definitely plan on keeping it until I graduate, which is in 7 months, and it's always good to have back up until I start working in my field.

This is her dog Hakuin, who is featured all over her website. She was very well behaved when I was over today, and still young, at 3 years old, was so cute.

I'm crossing my fingers that I get this job - it means walking dogs and getting into shape, and a little dog poop won't harm me. Plus it means some income, and well, getting out of the house a little more. I really hope that I get it - but I'm not going to cry over it if I don't.

I made muffins tonight, for Laura, it's her birthday tomorrow. I had promised her cupcakes, but blueberry muffins will have to do.

I ran into Tara, an old friend at the gym today. It was really good seeing her, and we caught up a little bit while using the machines, and she gave me some advise on not to use a certain trainer at the gym (have been thinking about seeing one to get a schedule/routine for my workout).

My cousin Jenn called me tonight just after I finished watching American Idol (been watching the auditions, it makes me laugh!) and she told me that she was very proud of me, that I used the word FROG in one of my last posts - thanks Jenn - you made me laugh. Jenn & I have a date on Thursday night to go to the knitting meetup here in Montreal - I hope she comes with me more often, I plan on attending more - so much fun. Even though there wasn't that many people at the last one, I had a good time! It's nice to get out of the house every other week to see different people! That's for sure. I will see Jenn this Saturday morning at 8 am when we go to check out bridesmaids dresses as a group at one of the bridesmaid's father-in-law's bridal shop. 8 am! EEech!

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