Friday, January 20, 2006

Shower Ring Invention

Class this morning was really good. I really love my Friday morning teacher. Her name is Madelaine and she's the one who had both her breasts recently removed due to breast cancer. She's truly an amazing person. And I love her class. She is such a great teacher, I think I am going to have a lot of fun in her class. I actually enjoy waking up on Friday morning's and going to her class and being there. Haven't really said that about any other class in a long time.

We actually told Madelaine about the problem with Benoit - the guy that we had yesterday for Typography, and she informed us that Benoit is actually Phillipe's cousin. Phillipe is the coordinator of our department in school. Phillipe actually told Tati (who complained about Benoit on Thursday after class) that he didn't appreciate that she spoke about Benoit in this fashion (saying that she doesn't like him as a teacher for this class). Well - now we know why he said this - they're related.

Madelaine assured us that if we have any further problems, to come to her, as it was her calss to begin with - but because of the breast cancer, the doctors only allowed her to come back this semester to teach only 1 day a week (so she's teaching Adobe Ilustrator Level 2 to us (the english group) and to the french group right after us).

We decided to give Benoit ONE more chance .... (next week). We'll see what happens.

After class, I went to pick up some shower curtain rings, but couldn't find anything that I liked, so I got this wild idea to use binder rings! (The last rings that we had were sooooo hard to use - and I was frustrated with them, so I threw them out this morning with our old shower curtain). As I was going into the dollar store near my house to pick up binder rings, this man stopped me as I was entering the store, asked me if I spoke English. I said yes, and he then started babling about he's a teacher at a school around the corner from where we were, and his student left on the metro (subway - which there is a station that is underground in the same shopping center where we were) and he can't get into his van, and ... I STOPPED HIM, told him I was in a rush, and had to go. He called me a b*tch, but you know what? I've heard this story before, for some reason.... and JUST KNEW he was trying to con me into something. Just had a hunch. He probably wanted to borrow money for a taxi or something to go meet up with his student, or something, and then I'd never see the money again. This guy looked too sketchy to be a teacher, first off.... he was missing a few front teeth, and just didn't look "teacher material to me". He looked more like a bum, or a con-artist. And you know what? The van that he was saying was his? When I walked out of the dollar store after purchasing my binder rings (pictured below incase you don't know what I'm talking about), a woman with her 2 kids got into that van and drove away.... so much for that being that guy's car! Loser! I saw the con right in him! Saved myself from whatever, but got called a b*tch as a result. He also said that he's never seen such a rude young lady before.

Installed the new shower curtain after getting home from the dollar store. The old one, the liner was finished, and the actual curtain was getting gross, and well, didn't REALLY match the bathroom.

This one goes soooooo much better. I love the blues on it. I love blue. I love PINK more, but I didn't think Jamie would appreciate pink in the bathroom! LOL. And, well, pink wouldn't really go anyhow. The liner inside the bathtub is a light blue. I think I did a good job picking them out!Goes well with the makeshift stick on tiles on the bathroom floor, until we can afford to re-do the tiling. I would love to re-do the tiling - it would make my day! The original tiles that came with the bathroom when we bought the house are from when the house was built in the 1950's. So hidious and gross and old. So, until we do something, we bought stick on tiles, and it works for now, but they are a pain to clean, as sometimes they shift. I got to get off my ass too - and go to the store and buy enough tiles to re-do the floor, a project for an upcoming weekend. Totally. I also have to get off my ass and paint above the tiles, I want to put a fresh coat of paint on the upper walls of my bathroom. I actually HAVE the paint! Just need to find the time. And enough time, where no one will need to shower - so it can dry properly. Oh - and the bathroom ceiling above the shower head - peeling. Starting falling apart 5 months after moving in. Of course, we realized that it was probably an old problem, that the previous owner just "patched up" to sell the house - and that the inspector missed upon inspecting our house. If there is mold there apparently our insurance company will pay to have it redone up to so and so dollars. My bathroom is so small I can't see it taking that long to re-tile the floor! No way!

This evening Jamie and I went to the gym for 5pm. Jamie had his second appointment with a trainer, for 1 hour. I did more cardio than I probably should have and am exhausted. But it felt good. I am not too sure how I am still awake, but the thought of going to sleep - I have people over right now (Friday night Poker night - but I didn't feel like playing tonight - wasn't in the mood).

I made chicken wings for dinner, but they were still a little frozen when we got in from the gym, so they took forever to be ready, after marinating them for 1 hour. (Boy they were tasty though - delicious!)

This evening I did a TON of cleaning in my office, as well as around the house - I am very impressed with the amount of things that I got accomplished. I wish I was motivated like this a lot more! My office floor is starting to appear again!

I started a scarf for Jamie for Valentine's Day. I will photograph it once it starts becoming something. I am doing it all in gray, Jamie likes solid colours. We decided that this year for Valentine's Day, we're going to not spend money. He's going to cook me dinner and I'm making him something. Sounds fair. Maybe I'll even get a back massage - lol... I think I am even going to make a him a card - that would be a fun project, unless I have one already in the house - but I think I only have Anniversary cards and a birthday (dear husband) card in the house - not a Valentine's Day card). I will be creative - that's all!

I decided that I'm going to have to frog half of my afghan that I'm working on. I made an error somewhere and well - I am annoyed with it. At least it's not a huge booboo - so I won't have to take apart too much. But, the little booboo bothers me, and even though I'm a new crocheter (just learned in November 2005) well - I just can't have errors. I'm a perfectionist. Can you tell? Anyhow, I think I will start undoing it over the weekend, and start fresh. I just have to. I also need to look for an accent colour for another stash of yarn that I have - I want to start something with some yarn that I recently got. So many projects to do! So little time - lol.

Well, I'm going to go crawl into bed with the scarf I'm working on for Jamie for V-day (via crochet). Hoping all these poker people will leave my house soon so I can go to sleep.

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