Friday, January 13, 2006

I Love Naptime

Got up at 7:30 am this morning, and actually got a fantastic night's sleep. It's been a while since I've actually gotten enough sleep, and can say that I woke up refreshed for a change!

My teacher this morning - wow. All I can say is WOW. What an amazing person. I really like her. Her name is Madelaine and she's Cancer Free. She has one breast removed about 6 months ago, then she had a lot of chemo and then her 2nd breast removed only a month ago! I can't believe she's back to teaching already. She is super fragile, but so ready to get back into teaching, it's amazing. She really is a true inspiration, and she is actually a very good teacher and I love her methods and I love the way she teaches, and I think I am actually going to learn Adobe Illustrator the way it's meant to be learned.

What a beautiful day it was outside today. GORGEOUS. Haven't seen weather like this in a long time. It's just before midnight right now, and it's plus 5 degrees. That's fantastic. Nights have been below zero lately, so to see plus 5 after sundown - wow!

Came home, took a bath while attempting to read a book I started in September called Callie's Tally. It's just okay. That's why I am stuck at the end of the book. I plan on finishing it, then finishing off Girls' Poker Night, so that I can get onto reading all these millions of books that I want to read! I have so many good books to read - just got to sit down and finish what I've started first though! I tend to do that - start projects and not finish them.

I took a nap sometime late afternoon after putzing around for a while. After my bath I put on my new pink pj's and putzed around lazily. Sometimes you just need that. I napped probably from about 5pm until 7:30-8pm. That felt fantastic. And I never have any issues with falling asleep on our couch in the den. It's sooooo comfy and relaxing!

When I got up people were here already for poker. (I didn't play tonight, wasn't in the mood). I watched the movie Must Love Dogs with my mother-in-law after she got eliminated from the first poker game and we crochet. I finally finsihed the baby blanket for my friends who are having their first baby in March and I just need to sew in all the loose pieces. I'll do that tomorrow. The movie was really cute, but I don't think I'll ever watch it again.

I am zonked. Going to go crawl into bed, probably with a movie. Until I fall asleep. Plenty of chores and things to take care of tomorrow. Got a list filling up a cute notepad paper already!

(CHORES: Sew pink jacket buttons back on, sew black jacket holes in pockets, re-organize my clothes in my closet (nasty mess), finish laundry, clean kitchen blinds (finally?), clean up my office, unload dishwasher, eh, that's it for now!)

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