Sunday, January 22, 2006

Baby Sitting Services Offered

Got up early again today - before 11 am. What's wrong with me? I am so used to sleeping in on the weekends! Oh well - maybe getting up early is a good thing. Then again - I also didn't go to bed last night late. I think just after midnight I was fast asleep.
I started to clean up from last night this morning. We didn't clean up anything last night, decided to just chill out after my parents left around 10:30pm. (Mom had to be home to take the dog out to pee - as he'd been left alone for over 4 hours (the longest he's been left alone apparently) and there was a huge mess in the dinning room as well as in the kitchen, by the time my parents left. Did a dishwasher load, and attempted to do some laundry (which actually got neglected - oops).

Organized my things for school tomorrow, but didn't work on a few of the items I should have. Ate a simple dinner (whole wheat pita with cold cuts) and just watched Desperate Housewives while working on the scarf I'm crocheting for Jamie.

Today I called my dad's best friend and spoke to his wife. I offered babysitting services to them for next weekend - and for whenever they are stuck. (My parents told me that they were stuck for next weekend, and they want to go out with my parents but couldn't find a sitter). I hestitated a little before calling - but you know what? I have no job - I can't really get a job as I don't have the hours to fullfill what a full time job would ask of me, and well I need some sort of money to come in - so I figured - why not babysit? The kids know me, they are comfortable with me, (I actually used to babysit the older one when he was younger - now there's 2 kids) and it should be cool. Saturday night's we usually stay home, chill, have people over, watch the hockey game, I crochet - whatever. If I sit at home and crochet, or I go to my dad's best friend's house and crochet - what's the difference? LOL.... Get paid to crochet. We'll see how Saturday night goes. It'll be a test to see for future babysitting times with them. If it goes well, then maybe I'll just do it until I graduate - no harm in that. I can't believe I'm going back to a job that I haven't done in YEARS!

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