Thursday, January 12, 2006

Relaxing Day

So today I started school at 8 am. Overslept a little bit - but still managed to get to school on time, since I had my stuff prepared from last night, so I didn't have to start looking for things today. Always better that way. Anyhow, class was actually fun this morning, it's a class called Visual Communication and what we produce is basically up to us - what software we'd like to use, what we do with it - etc. PERFECT! Finally some creative freedom! You know what I mean?
I watched some more Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, I have slowly been watching the episodes I've downloaded off the internet. I've been getting a little bit of laundry done, and I did a dishwasher load or two in the kitchen, crochet a little bit too - felt like working on that baby blanket for my friends who are having a March baby, and watched Desperate Housewives which I had on tape from this past Sunday night, then the O.C., since it was the only thing that was all new tonight.

After O.C., I cleaned a bit in my kitchen and just finished 20 minutes of Yoga. I am going to try to do yoga on days that I don't go to the gym. Tomorrow Jamie & I will be going to the gym in the afternoon, so that will be nice. Back on the good track. I think I may try ONE MONTH no soda. I am thinking about doing it in the month of February, since it's only got 28 days, so it shouldn't be that bad. All I will be able to drink is water or milk (I generally only have milk in my cereal). I think it sounds like a good plan. And I need to start baking healthy snacks so that I stop munching on bad food.

We're probably having people over for poker tomorrow night, but I don't want to play. Jamie's dad is out of town, in Newfoundland on business, so I am not sure if Jamie's stepmom will come by. Vera won't be coming as a) she's sick of poker and b) she has a going away party for someoene at work). So if it's all going to be boys, then I'd rather plop myself on the couch in our den, crochet and watch a movie or two.

Well, I'm going to go make the bed (change the sheets) and then hop into bed. Possibly turn on the TV with my crochet and eventually fall asleep. Tomorrow I want to start writing my big TO DO CLEAN UP list for the weekend. I have the entire weekend free - no plans except Sunday night's 24 party at Jamie's friend's house (should be fun) and I have a ton more chores to get accomplished before teachers really start piling up homework and I have no time free at all...

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