Sunday, January 08, 2006

Where Did Winter Break Go?

Back to school tomorrow and I still have so much things to do before actually starting school. (It's 15 weeks, 1 week off and then 15 more weeks, and then I graduate on August 11th. The next 31 weeks are going to be intence and long! So I don't know how much of the "projects" that I want to do will actually happen, but there are weekends! And this semester I do have Wednesdays off - so that's good). So many things on my to do list that I wanted to accomplish over winter break - but just never happened. Time just flew by and nothing got accomplished. Well, some things did - but not everything on my to-do list got done.

Slept in today, even though I wanted to get up around 9:45 am to start my chores list. However, I turned off my alarm when it went on, and fell back asleep until about noon. Got up, and started doing a few things, then after Jamie quickly showered, we got ready and headed out to Loblaws to pick up the photo order (long over due picutres since the summer - there's a special now 2 for 1, so the picutres work out to .12 cents a piece). We also did groceries.

Since getting home I've: Vaccumed the bedroom (did the other 2 rooms yesterday), cleaned the foyer of the house, vaccumed up the cat hair in the hallway, put some pictures (from my overdue loblaws photo order) into an album, put together Laura's Chanukah present (we were supposed to celebrate & exchange chanukah presents over lunch over the winter break - but Laura's family decided to go to Thailand for 2 weeks and we didn't get the chance to get together, so I will bring it to school tomorrow to give to her), and I also cleared out emails in my inbox by responding to them.

I need to: a freelance job I'm working on, finish some laundry, hang up sweaters in my closet, organize the mess of my tshirts in my closet, clean up the kitchen cupboard (we kinda just put stuff in there when we got home and didn't arrange it properly), and I wanted to organize and go through my jewelry - it's a huge mess. Clean my office and also try on a bunch of shirts I got at Walmart to make sure they fit (if not I have to go back and do more returns tomorrow). And do 20 minutes of Yoga, since I didn't I think I can get this all accomplished tonight. And at 9pm it's an all new episode of Desperate Housewives.

At least school doesn't start until noon tomorrow. I think I'm going in a bit early though, I want to see if I can catch either the teacher that incorrectly marked me this semester, or the person in charge of our program department, so I can get some answers. I just don't understand what happened, and would like it corrected. I am sure you know what I mean.

Anyhow, I'm going to go get started on my list of things to do.

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