Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dinner With My Parents

Slept in a little bit today, but not as late as I would have liked to. I got up just after 10 am, which is early for me for a Saturday! In the morning I took my time doing my chores, cleaning up the house as my parents came over for dinner this evening. I did some laundry, I washed a lot of dishes (well, my dishwasher did) and organized my house a little better (office and bedroom).

I had a haircut apt with a friend of mine who does a cut and blowdry for 20$ (and I tip her 5$). I only got a trim though, because I am growing out my hair. Right now it's in the middle of my back - I am not too sure how much longer I am growing it - I guess until it's not manageable anymore?

When I got home I prepared dinner, (Cranberry Brisket takes 3 hours in the oven to bake) and then I walked over to the deli near our place to pick up a few items for dinner. It was so beautiful outside when I walked over to the deli, it had just stopped snowing and everything was just sooooo white. I wish I had my camera on me at that moment, but I didn't, and when I walked back home from the deli, it was dark out already. Too bad, maybe it'll still look as gorgeous tomorrow. It was just so white, and the way that the snow fell onto all the trees, it was so beautiful on our street.

I finally took out these towels out of the box that they were still sitting in. Aren't they very cute? I got them just after moving out - and well, just loved them too much to use them. But if I never take them out of the box, then what was the purpose of buying them in the first place? I took them out of the box, and put them out in the bathroom.
My parents came over for dinner, and it was nice. They brought us a bottle of wine, which we opened during dinner, and everyone enjoyed my brisket and we had a nice evening.
Well - I am going to go watch some TV in bed. Tired and still all happy from wine!

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