Thursday, January 19, 2006

Material Inspiration

I started looking into Interior Design.... I figured that maybe I would go back to school, as I love to do interior design and decorating (loving Extreme Makeover: Home Edition & all the renovating shows on TLC!). I am willing to give up one more year of my life, but not two... when I looked it up on my school's website, as they offer an interior design program, but it's a 2 year program. What is even funnier, is a lot of the classes that they offer for that program I've taken already. Visual Language 1 and 2 I took when I was doing my Creative Arts degree - and Art History 1 and 2 as well as Observation Drawing I took as well - when doing my Professional Photography Degree - so I would have some classes that I would be exempt from, but I would still have to follow the 2 year program, as it's 6 semesters in 2 years, and there are classes like Interior Design that go number 1 through 6 - so you have it each semester.

I got inspired by this material today. I can't wait to pull out my sewing machine and see what I create. Hopefully sometime soon I will have time to do something with this material. Aren't they gorgeous?

I am so happy it's Friday tomorrow and the weekend. I have a lot more cleaning to do, as my parents are coming for dinner on Saturday night and this house needs to be TIDY.

I didn't end up going to the gym today as I thought I would - I only got hom from school at about 5pm (after making a stop for the material) and I had been out of the house since 7 am, just didn't feel like going today. I went Tuesday and yesterday. And I plan on going tomorrow with Jamie. That's 3 times this week - I feel good about that.

I think I decided that I am going to make Jamie a gray scarf (via crochet) for Valentine's Day. I don't really have money to spend and I don't think he should be spending money on me either. I think I am going to tell him that I want him to cook me dinner, and we'll hang out together, a quiet romantic evening. V-day is just another day of the year, but I enjoy one day of romance the entire year, lol (Jamie's quite the un-romantic kind! - but that's okay, I love him just the way he is). V-day is on a Tuesday this year (shitty day for being treated to dinner and wine - but whatever).

Ok - bed time. Have a 9 am class tomorrow and want to get up at a decent time and have a lot of cleaning to continue doing tomorrow.

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