Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jewelry Organization Part #2

Class this morning was good, we worked more on learning the preferences of Adobe Photoshop, which I was NEVER taught when I did photography school. (Not too sure why not?)

In class I found out that the school rounds your mark up - in our favor, so my 85.5% that I got in that class from last semester, once it reflects on my transcript, will actually be an 86%. I like the sound of that!

At lunch we all went to this soup and noodle place down the street from the school and I ordered this Won Ton Special soup. It was the hugest thing I've ever seen. It was lunch, and then a snack later on. So, after NOT wanting to spend any money, I ended up going for lunch, and spending money, when I brought my lunchw ith me! I have to start convincing Laura to bring her lunch, so we stop spending money... Going out for lunch is bad. Very very bad. Especially going to lunch to these places that don't have food for my diet.

The afternoon class was such a joke, as we had our Web Page Design Class and we're still at the basics of HTML which I am familiar with, and so, class was kind of boring. I actually went to this site called HTML GOODIES and started finding harder stuff to add to the simple stuff we were working on, so that I could not be so bored.

I love these bracelet stands:

The first piece is this bracelet display. Isn't it GORGEOUS!? I love it so much. It would hold all my bracelets so nicely. I plan on reorganizing the dresser in my bedroom to make room for one. Gorgeous!

Then, the above picture, is something that I already own. It is supposed to hold 210 pairs of earrings, but the bottom rows only fit stud style earrings, as there is no place for earrings to hang, and well, I only wear dangly earrings, LOVE DANGLIES and well, needed a second display, since my first one is FULL and I seem to have aquired more earrings than that first display can handle. . I've never seen one like this before, in stores, nothing.... I absolutely love the look and how clean it keeps my earrings!

At 6pm I met Jamie at the gym. I wasn't going to go, but I felt guilty not going because when Jamie called to see if I was going - and I said I didn't know, he said to me "Well, if the end of your membership comes and you only went 12 times in the 7 months, then I will tell you I TOLD YOU SO..." so I met him at the gym. I forced myself to go. AND I FELT GREAT AFTERWARDS!

This evening we chilled at home and watched American Idol as tonight and tomorrow night are the BAD singers, lol, the tryouts. So funny. It made me laugh. So I worked on the blanket I'm crocheting, and had a funny time chilling with Jamie in our den by the fireplace. Oh do I love our fireplace. So glad we bought this house.

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