Saturday, January 28, 2006

Dress Shopping

Got up at 7:15 am this morning to go dress shopping for my cousin Jenn's wedding. I'm a bridesmaid and one of the bridesmaid's father-in-law owns a boutique called S.B. Soiree and was offering for us to come and take a look at what he had. Well, I found a dress today! After about 2 hours of trying stuff on. Jenn's sister Laura, was the one who actually found the dress. And I love it. It's actually going to be in a different color than in the picture below. This is all I could find on the internet (of course they weren't going to post the same dress in 10 different colours or whatever.
So this is the dress, and I ordered it in a dark chocolate brown colour called Espresso and where the hot pink is will be a light brown colour called Latte. It's going to be gorgeous, and I think I'm actually going to try to find gold shoes, since gold will go very well with dark brown.

Off to go eat dinner and babysit for my parent's best friends. They want to go out with my parents tonight, and had no sitter. They have 2 kids, 8 & 4 years old, and they like me, and know me, so it's all good. It was either sitting at home and crocheting while watching a movie, or going to their house and doing the same, but getting paid to do so! It's been years, but you can't really forget how to babysit. LOL.

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