Thursday, January 26, 2006

Today was a long day. Not feeling too good to start off with and it was just long, and started early. I got about 6 and a half hours of sleep last night, and my body is telling me that it's not enough. Not at all.

Today is Laura's birthday - my friend at school. I made her some blueberry muffins last night, she enjoyed them quite a bit today. I also gave her a birthday present.

I got my first post card in the mail today (above) from the postcard swap! Thanks mrlovink - came from somewhere in Canada... not too sure where. I really like the drawing, better than I could ever draw. Very cute. Can't wait to see what else I get.

I finished Jamie's scarf. He accidently saw it tonight, and he likes it. He saw it before it was even finished. He actually asked me if I would make him a pair of wool socks. Hmmm, I could certainly try! I've never made any kind of socks, but I definitely want to learn. I was going to make a pair for myself, maybe I'll make him a pair first. I've got to see what yarn in my stash would be good for a man's pair of socks!

This evening I wasn't feeling too well - took a little nap, and watched some TV with Jamie (the hockey game, CSI and then Without a Trace). We made white fish for dinner (marinated in teryaki sauce with a little bit of garlic) and with a side dish of rice - it was really good. I was really impressed. Simple to make and soooooo damn delicious! I loved it.

Well, I am off to bed. I am zonked and got an early day again tomorrow (9 am class).

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