Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Jewelry Organization - Part One

Today I organized my necklaces. I have a lot of them, and love them all dearly, and litterally had them all over my house. If I wanted to wear one, chances are I had no idea where to find it. That is not a good thing when in a rush and wanting to wear such and such necklace that would go totally with a certain outfit - you know? Anyhow, so while at the dollar store today, I found these lovely racks in plastic, that were perfect for the necklace organization job. For 2$ I solved my worries of having necklaces everywhere. Pretty good deal - I think! I have been trying to come up with something to use, and well, ran out of idea. I saw someone had something similar recently on their website, and well, saw these today and thought that they would be perfect. Came home, hammered them onto the back of my bedroom door (where a huge jumbo calendar used to call home (now it's on the front of my closet door) and I can now find all my necklaces very easily. (I am sure while doing this huge pre-spring cleaning I will find MORE necklaces that should be hanging here but for now, that's all I could find. Anyhow, next job - my bracelets! My earrings are already organized (except for new purchases - which there are a bunch) so my earrings I will arrange last after the bracelets are done.

I am really enjoying this organization of my life. I am finding that I am keeping junk less and less these days, because a lot of the stuff I was keeping - I am not too sure why I was keeping! But anyhow.

There are 2 crochet books I want on as well as a book that looks really good (fiction) and so I redeemed some points for some amazon money and am expecting an email with my gift certificate code tomorrow and then I will order the books. Oh - do I love books. (Need more time in the day to read them though!)

This evening Jamie & I went to see the premiere of the movie Hoodwinked. It was super cute. I loved it. It was in a theater (AMC) that I would never usually go to - because its soooo damn expensive. It was actually some movies passes that I won through the Gazette and it was valid for 4 people, so I invited Shel & Vera, 2 of our friends (a couple) and they met us there, and we all had good laughs and it was very entertaining. I probably would not have spent money to see this movie in theaters, but enjoyed it nonetheless. The animation was really well done, and I definitely recommend this movie. It was a really short movie too -I think just under an hour and a half. Flew by very fast, didn't even realize the time flew by! (The way any good movie should be!)
The rest of the evening tonight I worked on the slideshow freelance job that I am doing for my father, he needs it to be finished by Friday morning when he goes to the Franchise Show in Toronto. I am really impressed with my re-edit, and I will find out tomorrow what he thinks of it. Well - just watched a bit of the Montreal Canadiens game (sadly we lost to Colorado) and I'm off to bed. 8 am class tomorrow morning.

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