Monday, January 30, 2006

No More Skim Milk?

Before class I had time to do an errand - so I went by Zellers and did my return there. I also decided to take a look to see if they had any nice women's winter driving gloves - and they did, so I went to go buy a pair, fully expecting to pay full price - $14.97 for a pair, and when I got to the cash, the cashier gave me my total - $8.61 - they were 50% off. So, because I have a bad habit of LOSING gloves or getting holes in them (both happened to my 2 good pairs this winter - one incident to one and the other to the other pair) and so I ran and picked up 2 more pairs, and now I have TWO pairs of extra gloves, (they're sexy driving gloves, I love them) and so I have BACKUP for the next hole, or the next lost glove. (Knock on wood!)

I swung by Starbucks on my way back to class, as I had a coupon from my friend Miriam for a free drink. I asked the guy at the cash what I could get with it - he said, anything, any size. PERFECT. So I had a venti Chai Latte with Soy. Pretty damn good. It was! And free! Thanks Miriam!

Class went by pretty good, I spent the entire time working on drawing the Canadian Government building, fun fun. This is what it looks like so far (not finished). But I'm very impressed with what I've come up with so far. Basically I have to create a coin for my Visual Communications class showing how I feel about the Canadian Economy. Well - do I have an idea! We'll see if I can realistically do it - and I'll post a picture of the final product.
On my way home I tried to pick up my green purse that I had in the shop to get fixed, but it was not ready. Was a little bit annoyed, because he said it would be ready by the end of last week. Why has everyone and everybody been off guard lately. Anyhow, he said it would be ready for tomorrow, so I'll swing by on my way home from class tomorrow, same time.
Did groceries after that, walked around the grocery store asking myself "WHAT DO WE NEED?" Uhm, everything! Our fridge was quite empty. We have non-perishable items, but it was starting to get to the point where there was nothing to have the non-perishable food items with. Some things you just can't eat alone, or just wouldn't.
Walking around the grocery store, I couldn't figure out where the skim milk had gone to. The last time I bought milk, I thought I was buying skim, but indeed it was 0.01%. Well - went to the spot where my skim milk used to be - same bottle, same colour, etc... but I guess that well - SKIM in the title doesn't exist anymore. It is now called 0.01%. What is that? Why change it all of a sudden - out of nowhere? Was there a poll? Do people perfer it being called 0.01%? I wonder.
I am so happy that I've now added the stationary bike into my routine at the gym. I now have between 20-30 minutes (depending on how long I choose to ride) to read. I love it. At least that's an hour and a half each week of reading. Hopefully more, as I'm trying to find more time in my life to sit down and read.
After getting home, I relaxed for a little bit and then made tacos for dinner, along with Jamie's help. They were delicious and really hit the spot. It's exactly what I wanted.
Jamie and I watched 24, which was REALLY GOOD once again, while I crochet a bit and worked on a blue/green shaded blanket/afghan that I'm working on, for a small child, or baby. Haven't decided yet.
So it's been confirmed. The girl from Brazil that is a goddaughert of my family there, is 21 years old - cool. I will email her tomorrow and let her know that she is more than welcome to stay with me, I just need to know further details on her travels. She speaks English and is coming to Toronto to do a 2 week English class to improve her English, and then she can't come to Canada without visiting Montreal and her godmother's wonderful family. I am the closest in age to her, that has the room to have her stay over, and so that's what the whole thing was the other. Yes - it was a little bit imposing, but it's cool - I'd love to meet her, and show her around the city.
So my sister's Canon Rebel XT came in, and she will have it first thing tomorrow, however mine didn't arrive, and so it will come tomorrow and she'll overnight it to me. And instead of a 512 meg card CF card that was coming with the auction, she upgraded the cards to 1 gig cards. (That's nice of her, and it will be much more useful with an 8mp camera! ) I can't wait to get my new toy. Oh, I can't wait! And I have someone lined up to purchase my camera, so I am really happy about that - let me tell you! It's always exciting to get a new toy!

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